At last the Blu - ray player has fallen to the mid - 10,000 yen level

In March this yearWithdrawal of the opposing standard "HD DVD"Although it is "Blu-ray" which became the winner of the next-generation DVD war, receiving that the player still can not deny the feeling of expensive was a bottleneck of popularization.

However, it seems that there is a possibility that the price will fall to the mid-10,000 yen level ahead.

Details are as follows.
Blu-ray player prices may drop to to US $ 150-200 range for holiday season, says ABI Research

According to this article, due to the growing demand for entertainment in the home that does not cost money due to the economic downturn, the possibility that the Blu-ray player may fall may be confirmed by an American research company "ABI Research" It is said that it made it clear.

This is because Blu - ray becomes a post DVD and it is necessary for the spread of players to generate profit, Samsung player for Sleeping season is $ 150 (about 14,800 yen) ~ 200 dollars (about 14,800 yen) It is said that it may fall to about 10,700 yen).

Unfortunately, the corresponding Samsung player is not on sale in Japan, and the cheapest player is PS3, but is there any possibility that cheap players will appear in Japan?

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