At the end of 2009 the 32-inch LCD TVs went down to the 30,000 yen level

Along with the global economic downturn, LCD TVs are showing a remarkable decline in prices, but at the end of the year there seems to be a possibility that the 32-inch model will fall to the 30,000 yen level in the North American market.

Already at the end of 2008Japanese manufacturers were fighting a fierce discount battle in the North American marketIn addition,Also in Japan, a 32-inch LCD TV with a price of 40,000 yen appearsI am expecting the same price drop in the Japanese market as well.

Details are as follows.
32-inch LCD TV prices may drop below US $ 400 in North America by year-end 2009

According to this article, market participants are predicting that 32-inch LCD TVs will be sold at less than $ 400 (about 37,300 yen) in the North American market at the end of 2009.

By the way, as of August 2008, the 32-inch LCD TVs have fallen to about $ 1000 (about 93,000 yen), and at the end of the 2008 year-end shopping season, the price is below $ 800 (about ¥ 74,800) It was said that it had fallen to.

Also, the price difference between the cheapest model of the same 32-inch LCD television and those other than the cheapest model also narrows to about 50 dollars (about 4680 yen) to 100 dollars (about 9320 yen) at the end of 2009 I am doing. In other words, is not limited to the cheapest model, is it that the other models will drop considerably too?

Although I am very anxious about how much price falls in the Japanese market, I think that at the moment there are LCD TVs of the order of 40,000 yen,Depending on the models of domestic manufacturers' LCD televisions, the price drops to the lower 60,000 yen levelConsidering that, it may be possible to expect a certain price reduction.

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