At last it is near the new model, the current model PS 3 will be cut down

Sony has stopped shipping PS3 of 80GB model even in JapanIt turned out at the end of July, but finally it became clear that the current model PS 3 began to fall.

Even before the 80 GB model is releasedThe 40 GB model had fallen to the upper 30,000 yen levelBut is that such a move as price is a precursor to the emergence of a new model?

Details are as below.
PS3 Price Cut Confirmed! (Sorta) | The Weird Pixel

According to this article, it seems that Amazon's Amazon has lowered the current model PS3.

The price cut was a 160GB model bundled with "Uncharted: Eldorado Hidden Treasures" and it is sold for $ 449.99 (about 43,000 yen), which was cut by $ 50 (about 4800 yen).

Unfortunately, as a result of shipping due to shipping stops in Japan,Even the clear black model is beginning to riseIs officially announced that it will announce the price reduction of the current model as Sony introduces the new PS3.

In addition, the link below is the biggest game show in Europe "GamesCom"Sony will hold a large-scale presentation on August 18It is touched on rumors that PS3 will be officially priced as it matches.

New rumor again points to August PS3 price cut

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