The stock of PS3 disappeared from some retailers, the possibility of a forerunner such as a new model appearance and a price cut

In announcing the new PS3 equipped with 80GB HDD and DUALSHOCK 3 last October, Sony suppressed the shipping of the old model as the timing to be announced approached, and finally itIn some retail stores the inventory of PS3 has become zeroAlthough it was still, it was revealed that stocks of PS3 had disappeared from some retailers.

Focused overseasRumor dropped rumorsFlows one after another, even in JapanFrom this month Sony is shipping adjustment of PS3Although there is a story saying that there is some movement?

Details are as follows.
It sold the 40 GB model PS 3 at a price that cuts below 30,000 yenAttracted a hot topicTSUTAYA's online shopAccording to March 27, 21:30, PS3 is 40 GB model, 80 GB model including "SOLARE BATTERY PACK" and is "out of stock".
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Also, an online shop of a major digital specialty shop "Sofmap"Sofmap dot com"But PS3 of satin silver and ceramic white is" stock limit ".
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Yodobashi CameraYaBic camera, it is still on sale at major online shops such as"Ryu ga Gotoku 3" and "Resident Evil 5" hitWhether temporary out of stock has occurred, or just as in the previous year, whether the new model or the real price cut is done is a matter of great concern.

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