Moss to Offer "Air Mos Burger" for Economy Class for 3 Months Limited

As an in-flight meal on international flights operated by JAL (Japan Airlines), Moss's special menu "AIR MOS BURGER (Air Moss Burger)"Will be offered for a limited time from June 1 the day after tomorrow.

Unlike a hamburger to eat at a store, it is something to eat by making a hamburger by sandwiching the ingredients yourself, and somehow it seems to come with a description of the American atmosphere.

About "Air Mos Burger" from below. [PDF file]Continuous hamburger service on airline launches offering dedicated hamburgers for Japan's first international flight - For the second meal to all economy classes -

It was announced that Mos Burger will offer Limited Menu "Air Mos Burger" as an in-flight meal for JAL international flights only for 3 months from Tuesday, June 1. Meals are offered twice on international flights, but this "air mos burger" will be served on the second meal.

"Air Mos Burger" is based on "Teriyaki Burger" based on the change in the in-flight limit, combined with the domestic lettuce customers themselves used for buns and patties, stores in order to make it possible to eat as it is made, Teriyaki It is supposed to finish it with sauce and mayon sauce.

The state of "Air Moss Burger" when it was issued. "Oni Pote", which is a set of onion rings and fried potatoes at stores, is a classic side menu, but it seems that onion flights are only onion rings.

The image after the guests sandwiching the items according to the instruction manuals is like this.

Surface of instructions of "Air Moss Burger". There is "Welcome to Mos Burger on the sky" and it is used on international flights, so all sentences are accompanied by English sentences.

The back side is described in one step explanation of the procedure. Not all of the attached sauce is put on the patty at the same time, but it is a trick to leave a little and put a little on the lettuce, too. I am interested in the illustration of an American-something man who is raising my thumb a lot.

Fares and periods offered are as follows. Since it is an international flight, boarding for "Air Mos Burger" is a high hurdle, but if you can use the relevant route when traveling abroad or traveling, you may try trying it.

■ Provided flights: 5 major international flights departing from Tokyo / day
Tokyo → New York / Chicago / Los Angeles / London / Frankfurt
■ Available Seats: Premium Economy / Economy Class All seats
■ Availability period: Wednesday, June 1, 2011 - Wednesday, August 31

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