Production completion of 3-wave compatible digital broadcast tuner "PT 2", future plans will not be posted

Despite announcing "production end" in June last year,To be reproduced in NovemberIt was decided, and it was clear that the production plan of the next generation of "Earth software 3 waves corresponding digital broadcasting tuner" PT 2 "which was produced about 50,000 copies due to the strong sales has been completed, and the future production schedule has not been posted .

Details are as below.
According to the information page for the Earth software company that posts the shipping schedule of PT2 etc., as of May 30 th 17 o'clock, the tenth lot of "PT 2" which was completed on April 28 was last and after Production schedule is not stated.

Information for business users

Product information page. Although it is introduced as "on sale", is it not that the production schedule is not published, is it the end of sales as far as inventory?

Earth software product information

About PT2I was stolen together with smartphone etc. from the PC shop in operationIn addition, a model which self-named as "exceeds PT2"Even though "DECULTURE PT 2 X 2" will be released, it will be discontinued due to a problemLike the last November, there is a possibility that the stock will be reproduced after stocks are gone and the possibility of expecting the possibility of releasing "PT 3" which is the successor of PT 2 in the future is.

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