The future production plan of the popular tuner "PT 2" was found, the number of supplies is more abundant than "PT 1"

Earth software known as high-definition capture board "PV 3" and "PV 4" succeeds the three-wave compatible digital tuner "PT 1" for personal computers that can simultaneously record up to 4 programs of terrestrial digital broadcasting, BS digital broadcasting, 110 degree digital CS broadcasting As a model, we released a new type tuner "PT 2" which became inexpensive as it is, but the future production plan was announced on the official page.

Apparently it seems to be supplied more abundantly than "PT1".

Details are as below.
Information for business users

According to Earthsoft's official page, it seems to be producing the third lot of HDTV capture board "PT2" from September 15th to mid-November.

Production volume of the 3rd lot is 10,924, and from the end of November 2009 to the beginning of February 2010 and the middle of February 2010 to the end of April 2010, the fourth lot and the fifth lot are each 20,000 sheets Since it is produced one by one, the total number will be 60,000.

This is the production situation as of October 10

Incidentally"PT 1" Production per month is about 5000, "PT2" will be produced at nearly twice the pace, so it may be easier to obtain than PT1.

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