4 popular programs for simultaneous recording compatible Digital broadcast tuner "PT 2" to end production

It became clear that the production of the "PT 2" three-wave compatible digital tuner for PC which can simultaneously record terrestrial digital broadcasting, BS digital broadcasting, 110 degree digital CS broadcasting at the same time at the same time will be discontinued.

We have already announced that the manufacturer has completed the order.

Details are as below.
Entrepreneur Information | Earth Soft

According to the official page of Earth Software which manufactures "PT 2", PT 2 is scheduled to close, so it is said that we have completed the order.

As a result, PT2 production will be finished at the end of the 6 th lot (6 thousand sheets) produced in early April, 2010. In addition, on December 23 today the PT2 of the third lotShipment schedule number revealed at the end of NovemberWe are shipping 27 boxes (1620 sheets) of half of the total.

PT 2 is planned to be shipped to nearly 40,000 copies in the future, but will prices rise as production ends?PT 2 suddenly was announced three months after PT 1 as the previous model finished productionConsidering that, it seems that attention will be gathered also whether or not the successor model corresponding to "PT 3" appears.

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