A British boy who went to school with a skirt to protest the school regulations


A 12 - year - old blonde boy who went on clothes that seems to be a uniform for girls appeared in order to protest the school regulations.

It looks pretty neat and it seems to be a girl at first sight, but he is a reality boys. I heard that I went to school with a skirt to protest that the school regulations were wrong.

The figure of a boy who is dressed in girls' uniforms and goes to school is from below.Chris Whitehead wears skirt to school to protest uniform rule | Mail Online

Mr. Chris Whitehead (12) started protesting to go to school with a skirt as school rules are in gender inequality.

According to the school regulations "to wear a non-tight skirt with a slitless black knee, or not too thin, but long pants that are not toppling". There is no gender specification especially in this item.

"It is funny that girls are long pants when they are cold, they can change clothes with skirts when it gets hot, it is funny that only boys should endure long pants even in summer", Chris said I went to school to wear a skirt to protest the current situation that has become a violation.

He seems to be proudly doing this protest, such as commenting "It is like wearing a skirt is like wearing shorts pierced a hole in the middle, and not ashamed separately."

By the way, the school rules of his school are decided by the discussion between teacher and guardian, and seems to be about the same severity as junior high school and junior high school Japanese junior high school in general, first of all the clothes such as jeans and cargo pants Tiger is prohibited, accessories are allowed if it is a pair of pierced earrings or earrings, but wearing prominent accessories is not good.

By the way, the uniform for girls he is wearing is borrowed from my sister Joanna (11). It seems that he entrusted to 30 people accompanied by 30 people who supported imitative paper that wrote the protest words gathered by distributing flyers.

Parents are friendly about his protests and Liz, a mathematics teacher with a mother, said, "I'm proud that Chris made actions according to my beliefs," said Brian, father of the publisher Says, "The idea of ​​that girl is very creative, I was worried that I could not be accused of doing this, but Chris seems to have gone over with a degree of shrugging a bit."

Robert Campbell, principal's principal for his protests, showed a positive reaction, "From the school regulations, it is true that Chris has the right to wear a skirt and he is in a legitimate way I'm trying to raise discussions and I will have to reexamine the rule of uniforms again. "Chris's behavior is showing a development that seems to bear fruit.

Chris said that she will go to school with her skirt as it is for a while. His protests are likely to continue until the school regulations are changed and a boy including him can wear shorts and go to school.

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