The University warns that girls' students use the library in "half naked"

University of Zambia in Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia, who faced problematic use of university campus libraries with female students wearing outdoor clothes and body lines with tight clothing gave female students the ability to concentrate male students Because it interferes, please do not use the library with half naked clothes. " Female students who saw this warning are rebelling against the warning of the university as "male students who can not concentrate are bad".

Zambia library warns 'half-naked' female students - BBC News

The southern African country seems to be culturally conservative, but according to a BBC reporter living in Zambia "college students tend to like fashionable clothes," he says.

Zambia University, which regarded this outfit as a problem, posted "Notice for girls students" at the university campus. In the notice, "There are some girls studying in the library who are wearing half-naked clothes, and it is in a situation that they are interfering with male students.Therefore, when using the facilities in the premises I recommend a gentle clothing ahead of exposure "and warns men to stop attracting attention to attract attention.

A women's student who attends the university watching this warning, Dikina Muzaya said, "Why do you need to see a woman's leg though" go to the library = study? "But just concentrate on the book Although it is bad, "he points out that the boy who can not concentrate is strange.

In response to this opinion, a male student, Kyrie Phili, who agrees with the warnings of the university side, said, "We know how attractive a woman's body is. Someone's wearing mini skirts and tight clothes Although I am walking, how can I concentrate? Other men will do the same way. "Although there are women who have attractively dressed before their eyes, there must be no men who can concentrate I am declaring.

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