What is important for successful schooling?

Jen Jackson and Stephen Lam, who are studying education at Victoria University in Australia, comment on what should be done to make education more effective.

What makes a school good? It's about more than just test results


It is a difficult question of what kind of education can help students to succeed. The education given to one student does not necessarily work well for other students, and even with the same curriculum, the effects that can be provided by teachers may differ.

You can improve the school's performance by collecting wealthy students from the original or collecting high-quality students from the original, but even if this method improves the performance of one school, you will be deprived of excellent students There is a risk that the performance of the remaining schools will decline. The following three points are mentioned about what a school with a large number of disadvantaged students should focus on if they do not do such a 'suck up' strategy.

◆ 1: Look at other than the point of the test

Schools that have been successful in education emphasize other aspects of the test. For example, sociality and emotional maturity, and positive attitudes toward creativity and learning are said to be important. Such a wider range of learning can improve the lives of disadvantaged students, and it will also be possible to change the community over the long term.

In Australia, there are actually items such as the physical and mental condition of the student when evaluating the school, and how much the school communicates with the student. Not only does the school's work not only fosters students in the academic field, but also the motivation, behavior, and the formation of values, it is often the case that the school itself advertises itself, says Jackson and Lam.

◆ 2: It is necessary to teach how to learn
Schools that provide high quality education in areas with many low-income groups seem to support their students on a daily basis, as well as while they are in school. What kind of support is actually provided includes small group and individual instruction, support using technology at the right time for each individual, advice on study, help of homework, etc. It seems that this will enable more effective education for students who do not know how to study.

◆ 3: Funds are important
We need to change the way we do to achieve better results, but that change requires money. According to a report on school funding in Australia, schools that have built a leadership team and invested in mentoring and leadership training have significantly improved the practice and atmosphere of education.

Especially in schools with a large number of underprivileged students, it is necessary to consider various factors other than student performance to find the best opportunity to enhance the effectiveness of education. To do so, you need funding, but to use it effectively, continuous planning based on data is essential.

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