Eternal 7-year-old & sex-free Yuru character 'Gunma chan' was like an idol

Gender is 'none', both a boy and a girl, and the age is 'an eternal 7-year-old,' which transcends both 'life' and 'sex'. That is Yuru character ' Gunma chan ' in Gunma Prefecture.

Hi, I'm

Takuya Saito, who is a biker around the world @ Charidaman . As it is only domestic travel these days, I will pay attention to Japan's Yuru character. In the past, in Kumamoto Prefecture kumamon , in Ehime Prefecture Mikyan but I met, was the impact of about also Gunma-chan of Gunma Prefecture, it becomes the chase.

◆ Gunma Nogunma-chan
I had known about the existence of Yuru Ma's character 'Gunma-chan' before, but I was not particularly interested. However, when I lined up at the lighthouse of Enoshima, a Chinese young woman who was in front of me was hanging a small stuffed toy with a small gumma-chan in her bag, and I was worried about 'Why, gumma-chan?' On another day, I visited Maolin Temple in Tatebayashi City, Gunma Prefecture, which is also known as the setting of the Fortune tea pot. At that time I found Gunma's photo collection . It was like an idol. Because of this opportunity, when I visited Gunma Prefecture, I searched for Gunma-chan.

Orchestra conductor

Kuroneko Yamato's uniform

Look up at the sky!

Happy side of the fire brigade

Gumma chan while taking a bath and eating

Active in outdoor activities

Even skis were yours

A bus conductor

A wrapping bus also runs in Gunma Prefecture

Gumma chan drawing a rainbow in the blue sky

Check the figure on JR station name

An engine assistant for a steam locomotive. I have a scoop to release the coal in my hand.

A standing signboard with the Isesaki city.

There was also a three-dimensional image.

I saw Gunma-chan quite in Gunma Prefecture. If Osaka '

yan not be ', if Nagano Prefecture ' Arukuma ', if Chiba Prefecture, ' Cheever-kun as', have been enacted loose character for most of the prefecture, but its popularity there is a wave. It is said that there is still a character called ecoton in my local area, Fukuoka Prefecture, but it has not been confirmed. Among them, Gunma-chan's treatment in Gunma Prefecture was astonishing. I was loved.

In addition, Gunma-chan mode is installed on the official page of Gunma Prefecture. When I switched, Gunma-chan was included in the page, and it turned into a site that feels soft and unconventional.

◆ With Gunma
Gunma-Gunma's Profile

Gunma-chan was the first mascot character of the 38th National Athletic Meet in 1983, and it was a design closer to a horse than now. Gunma-chan is now the second generation. First appearance as a mascot character for the 1994 National Sports Festival for the Intellectually Disabled Persons (Yuai Pick). It was initially named Yuma-chan, taken from 'Yuai' and 'Gunma'. The pony is a motif, and it is a design closer to people compared to the first generation. In 2008, when the antenna shop was opened in Ginza, Yuma-san named the second generation Gunma-chan. Since then, Gunma-chan has been working on PR activities in Gunma Prefecture. In 2012, he became appointed 'Gunma Prefecture Advertising Manager'. 7 years old in the official setting. There is also no gender. There are a lot of boy-like clothes, but sometimes you wear red ribbon instead of a green hat and wear a dress or a kimono costume.

It is supposed to be 7 years old forever, but Gumma-Chan couple also saw the appearance of a baby. In this way, Gunma may be filled with Gunma-chan in Japan.

◆ Gunma's house
There is such a base for Gunma's expansion in Tokyo in Ginza. It became an antenna shop in Gunma Prefecture with the name 'Gunma-chan House'. I also visited here.

'Gunma chan house' antenna shop of Gunma in Tokyo Ginza

Entrance that is chic, calm atmosphere about Ginza

There was a waiter at the entrance.

The store is full of Gunma-chan goods with special products from Gunma Prefecture. On the 2nd floor is the Ginza Tsuru, a full-fledged restaurant using ingredients from Gunma Prefecture.

Gunma-chan Rusk as a loot.

Gunma-limited cabbage cider has a taste of vile vegetables that spread at the moment of mouthing, and it has been crunchy.

What I want to recommend above all is a booklet called '

Gumma is the Best! ' It will introduce Gunma Prefecture from all angles as kindly as school materials. It was a gem that I could become detailed in Gunma Prefecture.

Gumma-chan's picture, with illustrations, so even small children will be delighted.

If you shop inside the store, you can vote for Gunma-chan Costume General Election 2019. From familiar green best to hot spring happily, swimsuit, mini skirt Santa was really love to cosplay Gunma. Dressed for Mako (Umanoko).

Gunma-chan selfie photo collection is also put.

◆ Gunma-chan visited
February 22 was a birthday of Gunma-chan. It is said that it is the 25th anniversary of the second generation, but it is 7 years old forever. Gunma-chan and special guests visit Gunma-chan's house on 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 3rd in a row to commemorate their birthday. I was also able to meet raw Gunma. There seems to be Gunma-chan, and about 20 people stand by holding their cameras and smartphones. It seems to appear from the elevator and wait for the moment. As soon as the door opened, cheers went up.

Grand Gunma chan appeared.

This day was the costume of the conductor.

The hair is not a mohican and the mane of the horse, the red dot is not a nose but a mouth.

The tail was growing from the gap of the pants.

The special guest on that day was Yura Chara

Hassle Yellow Gate, which has been approved by Ibaraki Prefecture.

Celebrate Gunma's birthday with souvenirs.

The face I think is really cute. Like a conductor, the bow tie was a score.

Gunma aiming at Insta shine.

The hustle yellow gate that greatly protrudes from the frame. It should be a grandpa, but it is an egg skin with no wrinkles.

It was a calm and friendly event from beginning to end. And it's time to say goodbye.

Seeing off the hustle yellow gate.

Thank you and goodbye greetings to all the fans who came in, Gunma-chan also went on the elevator again.

◆ Question corner
I noticed a taboo called 'Gunma-chan, Gunma-chan, even though I'm one, Gunma-chan'. Be erased. However, I was worried about it and if I tried it I would have asked the same question.

Why are you alone? Answer from Gunma chan Gunma chan navigation!

Even though Gunma is alone, he says Gunma does not flock. why? Are you really flocking?

The name of 'Gunma-chan' is in hiragana notation. I'm not flocking.
By the way, 'Gunma' was originally called 'Car',

Rather than being extinguished, you poke yourself .... Besides, anyone can ask Gumma-chan questions.

Question Corner Gunma-chan Navi!

There were many interesting questions.

About recent politics Answer from Gunma-chan Gunma-chan Navi!

Do you have a cartoon with Gunma-chan as a motif?

I feel that the title and content of the question are different but is it okay? (Omitted below)

A reply from karaoke Gunma-chan Gunma-chan Navi!

Does Gunma play karaoke? What kind of song do you sing?

Gunma-chan doesn't get angry, so I won't do karaoke.
By the way, you can sing Gunma-chan dance 'Minnano Gunma' even by karaoke.

A reply from Samui Gunma chan Gunma chan navigation!

Hello. During this time, I heard that it snowed in Kusatsu. Gunma-chan often does not wear clothes, is it not bad?

Gunma-chan also wears clothes. But surely it may be light clothes.

A reply from math Gunma chan Gunma chan navigation!

Why is the proportion of 4.2.6 going to 2.1.3 and why is the inverse of 4.9.16 going to 36.16.9?

I'm sorry, I can not understand at all Gunma. Have a math teacher teach you!
By the way, when talking about mathematics, Seki Takakazu, who is called 'the ancestor of arithmetic,' is considered to be the birth of Fujioka in Gunma Prefecture. (Omitted below)

There is also a question of freedom, but it leads to the appeal of Gunma without any worries. Some of them complained of business complaints and love as bar masters. A formidable seven-year-old child.

◆ With deer character
Gunma-chan is a horse character, but with deer characters, that person comes to mind.

I'm sorry for the idea of being a primary school child when 'horses and deer line up'. However, Nara Prefecture and Gunma Prefecture have something in common with old burial mounds. Sento-kun's tweets were also from when I visited Mogunma-chan and the Kitora tomb in Nara Prefecture . The masonry of the Hotoda Tomb Group in Gunma Prefecture is very concerned with the feeling that it is similar to Teotihuacan in Mexico.

There were also two shots with Kumamon at Gunma's house.

Thanks to my interest in Gunma-chan, I became familiar with Gunma-gun. If you see Gunma-chan in Gunma Prefecture, of course, you should look out for it. You will be able to unwind to your loving face.

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