resumes delivery to the Tohoku region and delivery to evacuation centers can also be accepted


Distribution to Tohoku and Hokkaido is suspended for the time being because the distribution center of was damagedAlthough it was supposed to be on April 6th, the contents of resuming delivery to the entire Tohoku region and simultaneously delivering to evacuation centers in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures were also announced.

When ordering, the address of the delivery address is required, but the address list of shelters that can be referred to immediately is also released.

Procedures for delivering to evacuation centers and the address list of each evacuation center are as Help

I announced that resumed accepting orders to the entire Tohoku region at 1 am on April 6th. However, in the case of an area that can not be delivered due to the disaster situation, it will be in the form of directly adjusting with the delivery company and receiving the item ordered at the delivery shop etc.

It also announces that it will accept delivery to evacuation centers in Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture and Fukushima Prefecture at the same time, and the detailed procedure is written on the following page. Help

About delivery to evacuation center

Starting April 6, we have started delivering to evacuation centers due to the Great East Japan Earthquake. Please check the flow of delivery to evacuation centers as follows.

1. Enter the name and address of the evacuation center at the addressee and confirm the order. Please check the following before ordering
* Please be sure to enter the phone number of those who will receive it
* Please prepare an identification card at the time of receiving the goods (license, insurance card, credit card whose name matched etc.)
* Please check the address of the shelter here.

2. The shipper visits the evacuation shelter and contacts the phone number entered at the time of ordering

3. When you receive a call, please bring your identification card and pick up the item

Because pages of facilities and names of evacuation centers are also listed in, if you know the name of the facility, you can refer to the address right away. When ordering, the payee's phone number will need to be careful because it will require a license, insurance card, credit card etc which will be an identification card at the time of receipt, but it is quite reassuring that Amazon can be used even in disaster areas Is not it?

Shelter List

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