Ambition is the special maker 's guru in construction of special - effects collection museum, hardcore special effects mania interview with director Tomohiro Haraguchi

"Ultraman 80""Kamen rider THE NEXT""Onmyoji""Ring 0 Birthday"It is one of the leading special makeup artists in Japan who was in charge of special make-up and modeling in numerous movies,Ultraman MebiusHe is also active as a director and special skill director himselfDirector Tomo HaraguchiI have heard about the status of special effects and future ambitions.

Also, Director Haraguchi said that he is also a hardcore special-effects mania. From the Toho shooting place that I was impregnated from early childhood, I got the props and model of waste discarded at that time and kept it,Japanese Movie Specialty ChannelWe bring valuable collections that conform to the theme of that episode at the program 'Special Effects Kingdom', providing in-depth knowledge on special effects as an explanatory role. How is the director Haraguchi who is a special makeup artist, a professor and a special effects maniac, looking at the current situation surrounding special effects?

Details are as below.Japanese Movie Specialty Channel "Special Effects Kingdom Special - The 6th Challenge to the World"

◆ To and from the Toho studio from the time of kindergarten

GIGAZINE (hereinafter, G):
Not limited to special shaping, supervisor at Ultraman Mebius, special skill director, recently"Deskapper"I am impressed that you can work on the whole movie more and more, such as the director of the film, but please tell us what kind of circumstances the current job has been attended.

Director Tomohiro Haraguchi (hereinafter, Akaguchi):
I first came to be involved in movies in my life, and of course it was not a job at the beginning, but my grandfather was doing a recording engineer in Toho, so it was from kindergarten time. And"Beijing Hero's Counterattack"I got a special effects director atArisawa SadashiAnd my father is on good terms, Director ArisawaTsuburaya ProsoUltramanAndUltra SevenAs I was doing it, I had him take a tour to the shooting center frequently. From the end of kindergarten to junior high school he often went to the shooting center.

Since I was a high school student, I was doing part-time job of art at the shooting center, I was doing some bytes to wear a costume, and so I entered college and entered the movie research group and I was using a part time job while I was in college It was. I was going to get a job after graduating from college, but I got acquainted with employment due to the circumstances of an imperial errand, I got acquainted with the time I was doing a voluntary movieDirector TezukaAnd,Ishii DirectorI started to be able to say something, and I thought that I would do it with a special makeup at that time, so I just entered and it is the feeling that it reaches the present.

While doing so, trying to do special effects, trying a director, conversely asked from Tsuburaya pro who is doing special director and making a monster, is not it such a flow?

Although "commentary kingdom" also describes commentary on special effects, it is also insane about the works of the past.

The word otaku is not that much new word anymore, but I somehow may be like the generation of that infallation. He also went to the shooting center frequently and used the shooting pretty much in the past to destroy the things broken, so it was said that the house was close, so I got that kind of cherish. The part that I could not put in my place was kept by my friends, I was thrusting in my parents house.

◆ There is little work that the budget has plenty of room for

I think that the problem of time and cost is attached to movie production, but what is the work that was harshestest until now?

There are plenty."Gamera Large Monsters Aerial Battle"It is calledHiguchi Shinji Takumi supervisorThe first one in the company is not quite able to take the consensus between the company and the supervisor side, the design of the character is not decided, the crank-in approaches within while you are doing that, furthermore, the number of items to make is large and the budget is small So, this was serious, but I feel like I got over it.

Which is severe with time constraints and budget constraints?

Which is strict, is not it? Both of them will come out either (lol) However, because there is almost no work to afford, I got used to it. I do not expect much from the beginning.

Recently the number of works using CG is increasing, but in this trend, is there any impact on the work of special makeup?

I am also doing special makeup for about 28 years, but at the time I started,"Planet of the Apes"There were, but there was not a proper category of so-called special make-up in the industry as well. It is Hollywood 's way that SFX comes out, and when the bubble comes, the amount of work gets further increased, then I think there will be recognition that digital technology comes out and work is decreasing.

However, because there is an actor as a special make-up, an actor will become only a voice if it becomes full CG, basically in the movie, it does not need the entity of actor for now at the moment I think that there is not much movie yet. Although the work itself may be decreasing, I think that it is not a matter of CG, it is an industry economy, budget problem is big.

Compared to the year ago I started 28 years ago, since the special makeup is recognized as "there is something" in the standard, so to speak of the fact that work is pushed down by CG, Rather than special makeup, it seems that miniature shoots and costumes are decreasing. In my case.

Actually I do not see avatar

"Avatar"There is a tendency for 3D movies to be mass-produced due to the success of this project, but what do you think about these trends?

Actually I do not see Avatar. I'm not interested, but when I saw a lot of movies it was when I was a student or when I was a child, now I am 50 years old, I'm getting out of time. I am not good at going to the theater to watch a movie twice a year or three times a year. I do not even look at rental.

After all, it is feeling that I do not have the time to spend 2 hours of filming and watching movies in the midst of taking time, such as what I want to do in myself and what I have no choice but to do. It is occasionally busy, and the fact that you watch a movie as a priority is becoming behind.

If a movie is also a large episode, it may be more than two hours, three hours, but I personally disliked the longer one. After all 90 minutes is just right. Although there is a wonderful movie even if it is long.

Although it is decided that the television is completely shifted to terrestrial digital, is there any difficulty of the special technique accompanying the high image quality of the screen?

Today, I'm talking about digital broadcasting, but from the time I become HD HD, 10 years ago when I was 10 years ago, I can see the roughness of the product as a reality problem, or if I say it in an actress, it is sticking to the wall Kuki appeared right under the paper, but it started to fuss around for a while. Then, if the hardness becomes high picture quality, it is said that all the quality of surrounding things must be raised, but as for the budget the economy seems not to be very good, money up to the point that the subject's quality is raised I guess it is true that it is not being put on.

It may be a good thing that the image quality is good, but after all the movie is a lie. The role playing in the play is only a role, for example, Takeshi Kisabu is playing, he really is Mr. Tsumabuki Satoshi. I remember the lines and playing lies, I think that it can not be helped to look at such lie's with high image quality.

If I see it with high image quality, after all I think that such as nature or sports, that way is better.

◆ To those who aim for the movie path

It is said that the occupation that want to become a child recently is increasing with stability minders, such as civil servants or salaried workers of large companies. Do you have any advice for those who aim for professionals like Haraguchi?

Well, I think that it is better to quit if possible ... But if you really want to do it, I will die someday any day and I think that you will encounter terrible eyes, but if you like, I do not know what to do (lol)

I will give up if I get bored. I have thought about quitting it many times. Even though I made a special makeup for many years, I did not have a budget or no time, but I still tried hard but I could not make a film that was made at all. There are many things that none will be rewarded, and each time I say "I should stop it ...". I wonder why she is so economically suffering though she is working so much.

As I thought he is a human being, I like it, but sometimes it suddenly gets tired. It may be that various things are accumulating, but it seems "I got tired of something". But I also want to do it after a while. That's why I can not say it.

It is the third time to appear in "Sci-Fi kingdom" today, but I am not good at speaking in front of people and do not want to do it, but with regard to what I liked Godzilla and Ultraman, special effects I guess that I've never got tired of it or have always liked it. Constantly. So, I am already fifty years old, and having this program call me, bringing something I received and talking about is a lot of fun in my life.

Do you have anything to keep in mind when you work?

There are times when I do not notice it and I fail, but today it seems to be respectful to Director Sagawa or Director Kawakita or seniors who have built the foundation for eating themselves in this world. Among them, there are some seniors who have supported the industry with a shadow, and there may be times when I want to become a clue to evaluation of such seniors' work.

◆ Ambition Construction of Art Museum

As a final question, is there something like a schedule or ambition that you would like to do in the future?

I have not made any plans, but I guess that's why I would like to take a movie that I want to take with an abundant budget (laugh)

Otherwise, as I said earlier, I also understand the nuance that traditional special effects are hiding behind shadows due to avatar or something, so I happened to pick it up How can I use what I got?

For example, if you call it "special effects kingdom", you can bring something used in shooting once in front of you. Even though it is just a movie theater, I think that something is nice to talk to the seniors who took the movies, with what you actually used in front of me. What is good about it, because there is thing in front of you. About a movie made with only CG, when you handle it with a program like a special effects kingdom, what put it in front of me. I wonder if that is the merit of things like special effects.

So, is it something ambition that something strange rich people will take out the money and will not let me build in the museum as well? Although neither has reality (lol)

Thank you very much.

Lastly I had the director Haraguchi's collection used for this time recorded in the neighborhood."Extreme Bottom Seaside Boat Polar Bora"Polar bola that was actually used in shooting.

"Mighty Jack"Mighty Jack Mighty's tail used in

Also a water fighter high-speed fighter "Concrete" used in "Mighty Jack"

And the cow toy (head) of the deskapper used in "Deskappa"

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