Domino · Pizza, take some pizzas home for half price

In response to the fact that it is difficult to secure food due to the Tohoku Region Pacific Offshore Earthquake, Domino · Pizza revealed that it will bring home pizza half price for some areas.

Details are as below.
According to the e-mails delivered to Domino Pizza users who have registered with the company's online service, we decided to sell pizza for half price on takeaway, considering that it is difficult to secure food in some areas That's right.

The following 8 stores will be covered, and the implementation period will be March 18 (Fri) - March 31 (Thu) 2011.

【Implementation Store】
Gotoku store, Urayasu store, Ichikawa store, Nakayama store, Funabashi store, Tsudanuma store,
Kemigawa store, Nishi Chiba store total 8 stores

Half price The target products are "American Special", "Margherita", "Domino Deluxe", "Mayo", "Quattro Giant". You can check the menu below.

Delivery pizza domino pizza View all pizza menu

By the way, we do not accept discounts on net orders, but because discounts are said to be done at stores, attention is required when using.

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