Hamburger was added to the classic menu of Royal host "Onion gratin hamburger" tasting review

We have been eating a surprising menu "Onion Gratin Hamburg", which was a dinner hamburger steak on onion gratin soup which is a classic menu of royal hosts, at the Royal Host Tasting Association earlier.

Marilyn Monroe who came to Japan on a honeymoon, Joe DiMaggio and his wife liked it when he visitedThe more anecdotal remains, the onion gratin soup, which has established immovable status as a side menu, is it possible to obtain the position as the main dish by fusing with hamburger?

Taste impression of "Onion Gratin Hamburger" is as follows.
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Arrived at the Royal host.

"Onion gratin hamburger" (fair salad, with rice or bread set including tax 1344 yen) that was carried for a while about the seat. This is realized from the idea of ​​"If it is ok if I should do it with the main" if so, after receiving a voice from the customer saying "Because the onion gratin soup alone has quite a volume, if you eat it, main dish will not enter" And that.

A hamburger steams in the center of the deep dish, and a crispy crispy above it. In the upper left part of the dish is not potato gratin, not cheese, but a sliced ​​potato.

The carrots of a large size are contained, and the contents of the ingredients are similar to the so-called hamburger plates, but it is in a mysterious state that none of them are in harmony with the soup.

Break the hamburger with a spoon and bring it with the soup. Hamburger made from ground beef is solid and it is juicy. The soup was considerably darker than the onion gratin soup of the side menu, and I felt it was slightly more greasy than the usual onion gratin soup. Maybe this is because the fat content of the hamburger steak has also dissolved in the soup. The compatibility of sweet onions and hamburger steamed onions is quite good, but it's quite heavy, so I feel that I want something for chopsticks sometimes.

In order to match the soup with the hamburger steak, onion is increased by 15% from ordinary onion gratin soup, and it seems to add a tether sauce to increase compatibility with hamburger. Before tasting, I thought that it was "a menu with hamburger in the soup", but those who actually eat it "who used sauce based on onion gratin soup as a source of hamburger" It may be close to the image. However, the volume of soup is quite a lot and it can not be said to be a source.

In the set you can choose bread and rice, but if you speak of onion gratin soup, bread that suddenly sucked soup is one of the real thrill. When you eat bread soaked, the concentrated umami is exquisite coupled with the bread's aroma.

Starting with "Onion Gratin Hamburger", the Royal Host will be working for the first time since foundation "Come on, what shall we do! Thermal fever hamburg fair" will be held at stores nationwide from Tuesday, March 15, 2011. Next, we will deliver the taste of tasting about the reprinted version "Green Goddess Dressing" used for the set salad served at the fair and the new spring dessert added to the yoghurt for a while. Such expectation.

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