Sony to officially announce "Xperia Play", "PSP smartphone" finally appears

In February last year, Sony Ericsson CEO (CEO) Bert Nordberg,Developing a new mobile phone combining PSP and mobile phoneIn addition to acknowledging, "From the reader that I actually touched the prototype"Marketing sideYaHardware aspect,Software aspect"PSP smartphone" which information on one after another was sent, but the date on which we will officially be officially finally decided.

Its name is "Xperia PlayIt seems to be.

Details are as below.
Sony Ericsson | Facebook

According to the official account opened by Sony Ericsson, Sony Ericsson's "Facebook", the company officially announces "Xperia Play" at 18:00 on February 13 (3 pm on February 14, Japan time) It is said to be.

This is the appearance of "Xperia Play".As a "prototype of PSP smartphone", photos that once leakedIt is almost the same design, was released at the recital of the next generation portable game machine "NGP" the other day"PlayStation Suite" platformIs adopted.

"PlayStation Suite" which plays an important role for dissemination of the PlayStation platform by providing a game platform beyond the bounds of hardware, is "Xperia Play" as a model optimized for the same platform .

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