Unpublished smartphone also appeared, Google released the latest "Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)"

As the latest version "Android 2.3" following the current "Android 2.2", "GingerbreadAndroid OS of codenamed name is being developed, but it is revealed with the unpublished smartphone that it is planned to appear soon.

In addition, it is revealed that "Gingerbread" newly supports electronic money.

Details are as below.
Gingerbread Confirmed Today, working on Nexus S, as Presented by Google CEO Eric Schmidt at Web 2.0 | Android Community

According to this article, Eric Schmidt of Google CEO (chief executive officer) at the "Web 2.0 Conference 2010" venue, unannounced smartphone adopting "Android 2.3" under development under the codename "Gingerbread" It seems to have demonstrated.

Schmidt said "Gingerbread" is a short-range wireless communication technology maintaining backward compatibility with IC card contactless wireless communication technology "NFCWe also mention the possibility that Android smartphones will replace credit cards after revealing that they support.

Also, Mr. Schmidt's unreleased smartphone was seen as "Nexus S" made by Samsung, and the American "T-mobile" logo was printed.

This is the "Nexus S" smartphone

As for the timing of "Gingerbread", Mr. Schmidt reveals that it is within several weeks.

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