Sony is developing a smartphone that adopted the upgraded next-generation "Android"

Previously at GIGAZINESony intends to launch mobile phones that adopted Google's mobile phone OS "Android" within this yearAlthough I told you, it became clear that the adopted OS will be the next generation "Android".

Details are as below.
Sony Ericsson confirm Android v2.0 handset in the works - news

According to this article, Mr. Peter Ang, vice president of marketing department of Sony Ericsson, Sony Group's mobile phone maker, said he is developing a smartphone that adopted Android. And compared with smartphones equipped with Symbian OS etc etc, we are investing heavily in developing models using Android.

Unlike HTC 's Android adoption smartphone "G1" which is currently on sale for Sony Ericsson' s smartphone, it is said that Android version 2.0 will be adopted, codenamed "Donut" It is expected to be released after the fourth quarter of this year.

Also, Sony EricssonHigh-end mobile phone "Idou" equipped with a 12.1 megapixel camera combining "Walkman" and "Cyber-Shot", It is expected that similar UI will be adopted for Android adopted terminals because it realizes extremely good usability by adding unique user interface (UI) to the base Symbian OS.

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