Determining the timing of Android 2.3 update of Xperia X10, dividing the light and dark into memory

In March Sony EricssonTo implement Android 2.3 update of "Xperia X10 (model number for Japan for SO-01B)"I was announcing the formal time was decided.

In addition, it is the same model which is to be updated from Android 1.6 to 2.1 via 2.1, but as a big element to distinguish whether or not the update will be implemented, "memory" built in the main unit is mentioned I will.

Update on Gingerbread for Xperia? X10 | Product Launch Blog

According to the official blog of Sony Ericsson mobile phone maker Sony Group, the company is planning to update "Xperia X10" to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) in early August. Unfortunately, since it is a story of the global model "Xperia X10", it is undecided whether or not "SO-01B" model for Japan will be updated and the timing of update.

This update also supports Adobe's Flash content that users of "Xperia X 10" have been waiting for, the speed of operation with the "Dalvik JIT" compiler and "V8 JavaScript engine" adopted from Android 2.2, further to the microSD card The saving of the application of the realized.

Although it does not correspond to DLNA, it is said that even if it updates it will be able to use the UI of the conventional camera as it is, and has the function of accessing Facebook which is adopted in the latest Xperia.

Movie of "Xperia X10" where Android 2.3 was actually installed

YouTube - Xperia X10 with Android Gingerbread

By the way, "Xperia X10" has brothers such as "Xperia X10 mini", "Xperia X10 mini pro" and "Xperia X8", but these Android updates will not be carried out and will remain at 2.1. The reason is that since built-in memory is smaller than Xperia X10 and UI is also different, comfortable usability can not be guaranteed by updating.

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