Steady deliciousness delivered by Naka Uki, "Trance Udon" Tasting Review

Naka-yu released in March 2007 and gained popularityUdon UdonIt was said that it was rewritten, so I ate it right away.

This menu that arranged the noodles for noodles in combination with noodles is a combination of Japanese style soup stock with seaweed and kelp and sesame paste combined with chicken rags charged with rice oil and sesame oil. It is said that the number of chicken skimp is doubled compared to the previous "Kudami Udon", and sesame oil and rarin oil are also increasing.

Therefore, the details of the tasting are from the following.: New arrival information: Naka urch (Naka is a Japanese-style fast food chain offering "Energetic Rice")

Arrived inside Nako.

In front of the shop the flag of "Kotoba Udon" was swaying by the cold wind. Let's go inside.

Also in the shop a poster of cold noodles.

Ticket vending machine is like this. "Koden Udon" is 490 yen. "Small bearing Udon" is 250 yen.

"Garbage udon set menu (590 yen)" was away. This time I will ask for a set menu for this kind of udon noodles.

Several sets of waiters, a set kana Udon set menu arrived. Rice and pickles will be brought to Kudami udon.

This is "Kotoba Udon". Chicken rags are pretty much contained. The type of ingredients and the redness of the soup are good, even if you see it unlike anything other than thick white noodles, it is tomato noodles.

Pickles are simple ones using Chinese cabbage.

The amount of rice was so large that I thought that "a little more than the rice with bowl of rice bowls rich.

Sesame seems to be flattering on the chicken rags and it looks really delicious.

I will get it quickly.

The soba is not entwined so much with soup, just like curry udon. As the noodle escapes from slime and chopsticks, juice tends to flutter, but it matches with "taste of Bamboo noodles" made by soup and ingredients, so we were able to eat without discomfort. The thickness of noodles is a general udon size and there is considerable elasticity, so you will not get tired of eating even in the second half. If the amount of noodles is large, the balance with ingredients may be better.

Morimori and chicken rags are modestly chewy and compatible with soup and noodles. Just because I'm absorbing soup well, I was concerned about the slightly greasy.

Oil is well floating in soup as well as general bamboo noodles. It was thick and dense and it was impressive that the taste of sesame paste was steadily transmitted. Since spicyness is stronger, I thought that it would be quite difficult to fight if it was a person who was not sensitive to the spicy of cold noodle from usual, but a weak person to spicy.

The rice which accompanies you when you ask for a set meal, you can enjoy twice when you eat soup after eating the soup so you have a considerable sense of satisfaction.

Although not as much as full - fledged bamboo noodles you can eat at Chinese restaurants and ramen shops, if you consider 490 yen separately, you can say that it is a satisfactory new menu.

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