Sony's "PSP smartphone" increases the possibility of being unveiled within the year

At the party held in December by Pierre Perron, CEO of Sony Ericsson's French corporation,The possibility that "PSP smartphone" will be announced has come outWe told you at GIGAZINE the other day, but unfortunately it was unclear whether the invitation was genuine or not.

However, it has become obvious that readers' suggestions have raised the possibility of being shown during the year.

Details are as below.
At the roundtable by a research company conducted for men who are using smartphones in September, new readers are told that they touched a sample model of a mobile phone called "Apollo" that combined PSP and mobile phones According to the stolen communication, the logo depicted in the invitation card by Mr. Pierre Perron, CEO of French corporation of Sony Ericsson, was said to be the advertisement proposed first at the roundtable meeting .

This is the invitation. It is a meaningful logo that reminds me of the "PSP smartphone" with a phone icon in addition to the familiar "× ○ □ □" in the PlayStation series, but this logo is the advertisement idea itself, The possibility that the invitation itself is genuine has increased.

By the way it is about the specific question contents done at the roundtable,"What about the picture of this advertisement?" Such as "Do you know something with the PS mark?" "" △ ○ □ × (mark of the cross key) "] +" Mark of the phone "?It was said that it was.

In addition, "PSP smartphone" is a sliding style design similar to "PSP Go"In addition to having touch screen, touch pad, camera, etc., Android OS is adopted, AR also supports (augmented reality) softwareWhat has been done is revealed by the storyteller, and the followingPrototype body photo also leakeddoing.

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