New information on "PSP mobile phone" is found, all games correspond to AR (augmented reality) by download sales

We combined PSP and mobile phonePrototype of "PSP mobile"Information from the reader that he actually touchedMarketing sideYaHardware aspectWe talked over two times mainly, but new information on not only hardware but also software was received.

Apparently at the prototype stage "PSP mobile" will be able to purchase the game by download only, seems to correspond to AR (augmented reality).

Also, I have compiled the unconfirmed information up to now.

Details are as below.
At the roundtable by a research company conducted for men who are using smartphones in early September, readers told me that they touched a sample model of a mobile phone called "Apollo" that combined PSP and mobile phones According to TaleCom, the camera is mounted on the body of "PSP mobile", and the display seems to correspond to the touch interface.

This is a picture that is made a prototype of PSP mobile phone. It seems that all game software is scheduled to be downloaded and says that most participants mentioned popular titles about 10 years ago against the question "What kind of title do you really want?"

Also, after the question "Does PSP mobile phone become unattractive if such title can not be played?", More game titles are shown on paper, and detailed questions such as the following are said to have been done .

· How much title / game genre is attractive if downloadable
· To what extent can the price of the game be acceptable
· If the latest work can not be downloaded, it is inferior as charm
· If you can only select either the latest game that can only be done with PSP mobile phones or the latest game released on a conventional machine, which one to choose

And on the premise that game data can be transferred between PS3 and PSP mobile phones, the following questions are repeated. From the contents of the question, it seems that specifications are quite solid.

· Do you feel attractive to take over the play at home even at home? The opposite is it?
· Does the change in game purchase change?
· How much can you pay if you attach such data migration option to PS3 game
· If you do not have PS 3, will you be motivated to purchase?
· If a PSP mobile phone communicates with BRAVIA or a home TV via a wireless LAN or the like and the game can be played on a TV screen, is PS 3 necessary?

At the end, the participants asked questions such as "What kind of game can you play only with PSP mobile phones?", And it is said that "AR (Augmented reality) game" was mentioned as an example. In the AR game, it is possible to replace the game field with a room through a camera, and when purchasing such a new axis game, various questions comparing the case of diverting a completely new game title and a conventional popular title are performed It was said that I was.

And if you compile the unconfirmed information so far, the main features of "PSP mobile" will be as follows.

· The code name is "Apollo"
· PSP go adopts touchpad in addition to slide mechanism and controller
· Touch panel of 3.7 to 4.1 inches adopted
· The processor uses Qualcomm's Snapdragon MSM 8655 (1 GHz)
· Memory 512 MB
· OS is Android
· Adopt microSD slot
· Camera mounted
· Game software downloading monopoly
· In addition to current PSP games, newly compatible with AR (augmented reality) games
· In coordination with PS3, you can play games played at the destination even at home
· By linking with TV with wireless LAN, the game being played is displayed on TV

By the way, Sony has not necessarily developed sufficient network infrastructure for download sales in countries around the world,We announced in August this year that it is a policy to avoid monopolizing downloading of gamesHowever, since "PSP mobile" will be downloaded monopoly this time, since it is a mobile phone in the first place, it seems that reason is always connected to the network.

Also, considering that we have adopted a touch panel that we did not have in conventional PSP and the concept of a new "AR game", apparently, "PSP mobile" is delivered to Android smart phones unlike conventional PSP It is a model to cover both the casual game downloaded and the packaged game to be sold and to develop a new game layer with AR game and lead to "PSP 2 (tentative)" which will be released in the future Possibilities are also conceivable, but when will the product version appear at all?

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