Concerning "PSP mobile" developed by Sony, unconfirmed information at the present time

Sony Ericsson CEO (CEO) Bert Nordberg, Sony Group's mobile phone maker,I acknowledged that I am developing a new mobile phone combining PSP and mobile phoneIt was reported in February this year, but it became clear that there is information that is worrisome from the reader's storyteller.

At the moment there is no official announcement on specifications and release time, so it is only unconfirmed information, but I have summarized the information which is clear at the moment.

Details are as below.
According to Talekomi received from the reader, when I participated in a roundtable discussion conducted by a research company conducted for men who are using smartphones in early September, a mobile phone called "Apollo" that combined PSP and mobile phones A sample model appeared, and a variety of questions were made to the participants from the staff of the research company.

The specific question content is "What is the picture of this advertisement?" "Is not it appealing if there is no PS mark?" "[△ ○ □ × (mark of the cross key)] + [telephone mark] Do you understand? "Questions centered on marketing aspects, how to purchase games, game time on mobile, virtual reality game (AR game) was said.

In addition, although it is a sample model of a mobile phone called "apollo" of the essence,Design similar to "PSP go"so,Adopt Google 's "Android" as OS. The specification is considered to be settled, it seems that the release is not so far.

Although it is quite interesting information, in August this year, it revealed that "PSP mobile phone" has the following characteristics as information independently obtained from a reliable information source of overseas major site "Engadget" I will.

· OS is Android 3.0 (Gingerbread)
· Adopted unique user interface
· Horizontal slide model like "PSP go"
· Screen size is 3.7 ~ 4.1 inches, adopting touch screen
- "Snapdragon" processor which drives at 1 GHz is installed
· Graphics games of the current PSP level are possible

Exclusive: Sony Ericsson to introduce Android 3.0 gaming platform and PSP Go-like smartphone - Engadget

Incidentally, Sony is now considered to be preparing to release the next generation PSP which corresponds to "PSP 2", and although it is thought that PSP mobile phone is the next generation PSP, as for next generation PSPThe touch panel is mounted on the back sideInformation such as information on graphics chipsetEquipped with "SGX 543 MP 4" with processing capability almost equal to or higher than NIDIA's "Tegra 2"Because information leaked, PSP mobile is probably a different thing from the next generation PSP, it is on the extension line of the current PSP to the last, it is a model to capture the layer to play casual game by combining with the mobile phone It may be there.

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