Apple announces tomorrow that it will implement a global "special announcement", "on an unforgetable day"

The official page of the company revealed that Apple is planning to make a special announcement tomorrow.

"Tomorrow, the same day as usual will be an unforgettable day.There is a sentence that can not avoid being expected, saying that it will be announced on a global scale.

Details are as below.

According to Apple's official page, the company is officially on the 17th of November Japan time 0:00 midnight (7 o'clock in California, 10 am in New York, 3 p.m. in London, 3 pm in London, both on November 16) I am going to make a special announcement with.

What is announced is about iTunes, "The same day as usual will be an unforgetable day." "We will do a special announcement from iTunes here tomorrow, do not miss it." An impressive sentence is posted.

There is a possibility that it will be content such as "Special sale at the iTunes Store" as it is a time to refrain from the year-end selling battle in the middle of November, but what kind of announcement will be done? It is likely to attract more attention as it becomes more extensive than this.

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