Why did Apple recently appealed so much to start delivering Beatles' songs?

Apple's prediction "Special announcementThe contents of "It became clear. How,The sale of the Beatles album / music at iTunes Store will be launched worldwide from 0:00 am (Japan time) on November 17, 2010 todayOnly things.

Have you not been sold so far? Although there may be many people surprising, the Beatles songs are not limited to the iTunes Store,NapsterThere was no online distribution including anything including. Actually this time is actually a monumental event in the spread of online distribution as music sales form.

Details are as below.
Although it is becoming hard to sell CD worldwide, recently, only the Beatles should be considered as a different thing or a monster, a remaster board box set for stereo recording released in September 2009 "The Beatles Stereo Box Set"More than 3 million copies in the United States, a remaster board box set of monaural recording that was released simultaneously"The Beatles in Mono"Is an unprecedented amazing sales as a high-priced box set of more than 1 million copies, and has become the third CD sold in the United States annually in nearly 40 years since dissolution .


UK investment fund in 2007 "Terra Firma Capital PartnersAfter being acquired byEMIFor Beatles has become one of the lifelines, the start of distribution at iTunes this time will manage the rights of the BeatlesApple coreWith AppleLong-term nutritionAlthough it can be taken as a struggle of EMI who was in a dilemma when thinking about etc, it is clear that selling music is selling, it may become "golden egg" of resuscitation.

It can be thought that the fact that it is not being delivered online has pushed the sales of the CD of the Beatles, but by the start of distribution at iTunes this time, by the time we started listening to music in the first place, From the young generation who bought in, the Beatles have been heard as bad as young and there is no hope of buying a CD, but if you can easily buy CDs with ease, if you can buy it easily, you can get an old timer like nostalgia , It may be considered that you can reach a new audience that was not covered by CD.

Now that iTunes accounts for more than 80% of the share of online music distribution, this movement is, so to speak, the "ban on online distribution" of the Beatles, so that the Beatles will start delivering on iTunes, It is a worthy event to call it a milestone on the transition of the form of music sales to. If AppleOn an unforgettable day"It may not be exaggering to say that, given the historical trend of the future, we foretold it.

It is like this before this announcement. Only the tribute appeared even when searching.

Regardless of the transition period from record to CD, most of the music industry has entered music sales on CD from the early 1980s to mid-range, while the Beatles'All studio album's titles will be released all at onceIt was in 1987 that the Beatles could be said to be the "last stronghold" in the industry as well as from the eyes of users who are hesitant to transition from record to CD.

EMISpeaking of because I was selling album songs in iTunesPink Floyd got me angry.Although there are circumstances (incidentally the contract with EMI of the album after "Dark Side of the Moon" has expired in June this year), as for the Beatles, the rose selling of the song is also a member of the life and stakeholders, It may be a place where opinions can be broken in each direction, such as fans.

The Led Zeppelin and Metallica, which were deliberately missed in the wave of digital distribution (deliberately) are also being delivered in iTunes Currently, the big things that are not sold in the remaining iTunes are AC / DC, but the Beatles' Will there be more bands to be delivered from this movement?

Even if you search "AC / DC" at the iTunes Store now, only the cover songs by other artists such as tribute albums will be displayed.

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