Will Apple's special event be held on February 20?

It seems that Apple may hold a special event to announce the latest version of MacOS X on February 20th. By the way, last year, Apple did a similar event on February 28 of the next month when Macworld was held, and announced a new product there.

Is there any surprise?

Details are as follows.
Apple Special Event on February 20 << Apple Recon

According to this article, Apple is a special event to be held on February 20th, including the latest version of MacOS X "10.5 (Leopard)", "iLife '07" which integrates video editing and music production website creation software etc for office use It seems that you may announce integrated software "iWork '07".

In addition, at the same event held last year, the latest models of Mac mini equipped with Intel's CoreDuo and the home audio system "iPod Hi-Fi" linked with iPod are released.

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