Finally "iOS 10" announcement or Apple's "WWDC 2016" expected from 13th June to 17th

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Apple holds a special event "WWDC" for developers at the Moscone West convention center every June. There is no official announcement on the timing of WWDC 2016 being rumored that "iOS 10" or "New MacBook Air" will be announced, but if MacRumors will be held from 13th to 17th June, I expect it.

Apple's 2016 Worldwide Developers Conference Will Likely Take Place June 13 to 17 - Mac Rumors

When confirming the reservation schedule of Moscone West convention center which will be the venue of the WWDC every year, the schedule of June 2nd 4th, 10th to 21st and 26th to 27th is vacant. Until now WWDC 2015 is from June 8 to 12, WWDC 2014 from June 2 to 6, WWDC 2013 from 10 to 14 June, all five days (Monday to Friday) in June As it is being held in 2016, WWDC in 2016 is considered highly likely to be held at "June 13 (Monday) - 17 (Fri)" where the venue is not scheduled .

In WWDC, it is customary to announce new products and software with the first day keynote event, and it is expected that new MacBook Air and other hardware, OS X 10.12 and iOS 10 will be released in 2016. Note that WWDC 2015 mainly focuses on software announcements, iOS 9, OS X El Capitan, watch OS 2, Apple Music, etc. were announced.

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