Formally announcing "iPhone 4G (provisional)" which will be the fourth generation finally, Apple will hold an event

I got a topic by saying it was falling in a bar."IPhone 4G (preliminary)" and a wonderland mobile phoneAlthough it is concerned about the new iPhone related news, such as making a public disturbance, recently, I announced that Apple will hold an event that is expected to show off the new iPhone at last.

Details are as below.
Apple Worldwide Developers Conference Kicks Off June 7 in San Francisco

According to Apple's announcement, the company announced the worldwide event for the annual developers "Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC)It is said that it will be held on 7th June 2010 in local time. The place is in San Francisco, the exhibition period is 5 days from June 7th to 11th.

WWDC announced the other day"IPhone OS 4" which becomes the latest version incorporating multitasking and various functions, IPad application, Mac OS X etc, detailed session for developers will be held.

By the way, Apple was released last yearIPhone 3GS"And released in 2008"IPhone 3G"At the WWDC and executives of Canadian telecom companiesIt was revealed that the new iPhone is scheduled to appear in JuneConsidering that it is highly likely that the announcement of "iPhone 4G (tentative)" will be June 7th local time (the early June 8th of Japan time).

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