NTT DoCoMo Announces When to Launch Android Smartphone "LYNX 3D" and Next Generation Communication Service "Xi"

I told you on October 26So, NTT DoCoMo today launched a new model and a new service announcement that will be the model of Winter Spring 2010.

Naked eye 3D compatible Android smartphone "LYNX 3D" including smart phones and other smartphones and the start time and fee of Xi (Crossy), a high-speed communication service with a maximum of 37.5 Mbps down are announced.

Details are as below.
■ A total of 28 models of the Winter Spring model lineup including Android smartphones.
NTT DoCoMo's 2010 winter spring model, the entire lineup of smartphones revealed

■ The start time of the next generation high-speed communication service "Xi (Crossy)" with downlink maximum 37.5 Mbps (75 Mbps in part) that adopted the 3.9-th generation mobile phone "LTE (Long Term Evolution)" is December 24 this year It was revealed.
NTT DoCoMo's high-speed communication service "Xi (Crossy)" started on December 24, and a price plan is also decided

Following the Android tablet "GALAXY Tab" announced on October 5, I revealed that I will introduce another tablet terminal.
NTT DoCoMo to launch a tablet terminal, to the second model following "GALAXY Tab"

■ It was also revealed that it is planning to construct a mechanism for viewing mobile phone sites on smartphones.
NTT DoCoMo considers building a mechanism that can be seen on smartphones for "mobile phone site"

■ For Xi (Crossy), a high-speed communication service to be launched on December 24th, the same bandwidth limitation as before is introduced.
NTT DoCoMo introduces bandwidth limitation even at "Xi (Crossy)", the standard is equivalent to FOMA

Free Kamio:
I would like to ask about the entire line-up of this time, but since 19 types of Futurephones are issued, we saw slightly more impression when looking at sales trends of conventional mobile phones, but in the winter holiday shopping bout, Is there any chance of selling properly? Also, please tell me the sales ratio and lineup ratio of smartphones and conventional mobile.

Takaaki Yamada President and Representative Director (hereafter, mountain):
As us, 50 million people are using i-mode machines, so I will brush up this part. Although light hits the smartphone in recent years, many people use traditional cell phones as well. Regarding brand collaboration, this time we have done with 7 brands. I also stuck to the camera and illumination.

I am focusing on smartphones, but I will also work on conventional type, i-mode machines. I am thinking of brand mobile to the model that junior high and high school students have for the first time, and there are things for corporations as well. I believe that i-mode machines are still available to customers.

I think that the ratio of smartphone and conventional type of mobile will not reverse yet next year. But the proportion of smartphones will surely rise. I think that it will take about 3 to 4 years for the smartphone to reverse. By the time you reverse it, the smartphone may obviously have more models. The ratio still does not change next year, is it close in the second year, is it feeling reversed around the third year?

Nikkei PC Kaneko:
I want to ask about the share of the smartphone, but at Softbank's announcement that was there last week, Mr. Sun also showed that the iPhone is still very strong, but in order for docomo's smartphone to expand its market share Is it possible to take such measures?

At present, compared to the share of our smartphone, it is certain that iPhone 4 is expensive. I am pursuing it with Xperia and Galaxy as I am trying. Especially we are focusing on Android of open OS. Because we are a career, we would like to take advantage of docomo's unique service. To do that, open Android is the best. Naturally it is necessary to have a wonderful terminal in order to increase market share, but we also want to increase the number of applications by placing docomo unique service.

I would like to think about a mechanism that makes it easy to transfer contents provided by i-mode machines to smartphones. I am considering using smartphones to see lots of content popular on i-mode machines.

Will dissatisfaction that traditional mobile sites can not be seen on smartphones will be improved?

I plan to make it easy to transfer, so that you can see the official website you saw on the i - mode machine.

Nikkei Newspaper Watanabe:
I will ask about LTE. Please tell us about your goals and how to spread it. SOFTBANK will also provide those that are faster than your Ultra High Speed, but will they further increase the communication speed (of docomo's service)?

First of all, we made a campaign price for xi. One purpose is to make it an easy-to-pay fee and want many customers to use it. As the high-speed and large capacity increases, the utilization efficiency becomes three times better than the current situation. Frequency is a limited resource, so I think how important it is to use it. I would like to expand LTE as the mainstay. Naturally, I will add LTE from high traffic. In principleW-CDMAI think that it can not cope with LTE without increasing the number. It can not be helped locally when the traffic becomes insufficient, but the place where (traffic is high) covers everything with LTE.

Even though we initially applied for radio waves at LTE, we have advanced 3,000 stations and targeted the goal ahead of three years. I'd like to aim for about 35,000 stations in fiscal 2014 target and 70% coverage.

And another, about Ultra High Speed. Ultra high speed seems to realize a speed of 42 Mbps using the 10 MHz band, but we can offer it at 72 Mbps if we can use the 10 MHz band. Considering frequency use efficiency, I would like to add LTE. The docomo network means that the quality is good, and we have been ranked first in customer satisfaction with our communication terminals for the second consecutive year, so I would like to continue in the future.

Mobile Watch Tsuda:
Does xi have plans for band limitation? If so, what criteria (limit) will it take? Also, I told you that 99.6% of FOMA users have been using communication within 5 GB, but do you think that there will be changes in the future?

I think that band limitation is about application limitation, but application restrictions are not applied to LTE. It is because I want you to use it freely. I mentioned that 99.6% of FOMA users have done communication within 5 GB, but from now on, since customers will be in the era of handling a lot of data, gradually (percentage of users who fit within 5 GB of communication) I think that it will decrease.

Mobile Watch Tsuda:
Do you restrict users who use many data communications?

It is the same as what is currently being done on the FOMA line. If the communication situation is crowded beyond 3 million packets (about 366 MB) in the last 3 days, it will be subject to communication speed control.

NHK Lin:
Softbank exclusively handling the iPhone released six smart phones the other day, how did you frankly feel about this move as president of docomo?

Also, please tell us about the field of smartphones what is docomo's weapon.

I think that it is best to speak from a technical point of view. Since the iPhone is a vertically integrated model, it is certain that the network is made into a shelter for telecommunications carriers. Since AndroidOS is open it is possible to add something unique to docomo. So I think that Android is also an important tool for careers.

In the worldwide trend, Android's share has exceeded the iPhone's share. In either case, if the number of Androids increases, the number of applications will also increase. I think that it is quite painful on the iPhone line as well, so I feel that I put out an Android terminal there. But as it is about other companies, I can not say what I entered so much.

Our strengths are handsets, services, and networks. Although I'd like you to include content in the service, I will also make it possible to transfer the content I made in i mode to smartphones as well. If the network is not good, it will be a problem for customers to use comfortably from now on. It is a question of how things got mixed in three things will come.

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