Animals with deep sleep happily

"A warm futon, sound asleep! Is there such a fun thing?" Is a line spoken by Nobita in Nobita's "The King of the Night World!" Which is included in Volume 6 of Doraemon's book Vol. Certainly, it is probably the greatest entertainment to sleep soundly with a soft duvet.

This may be the same for animals that do not use futon, and the appearance of animals falling asleep and falling asleep seems to be equally happy.

Details are as below.
Sleeping Animals | My Funny Pets

A dog sleeping in the middle of a food dish.

It seems to be asleep while collapsing.

She seems to have a dream that smells sweet.

After all it is the most comfortable to sleep in a futon and sleep.

I use shoes as a pillow.

The warmth of each other seems comfortable.

Was it exhausted during challenge to Sudoku?

It seems that kitten gathered and was asleep.

A cat sleeping with a stuffed doll.

I am hugging and sleeping.

Monkey shrinking and sleeping.

It is also pleasant to keep your body like this in something.

A squirrel that sleeps on the tree branch

A hamster holding a stuffed dog.

It is growing steadily.

Is it Itachi or Ten, with a tongue out a bit and it looks like the expression "It was done ... ...".

A leopard that sleeps and sleeps. This is still a beast.

Koala grabbed by a tree, sleeping as if it were sitting.

This is also a panda sleeping in the crotch of the tree well.

A fur seals sleeping unprotected completely with a stomach on top.

I do not know well whether the parake is awake or sleeping.

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