Initial version that comes first in history, "Bacon Kugo Bakkon Bits" with bacon in it Taste Review

Lawson's "Kuara Kuen"Has been delivering a variety of taste so far, but it was the first time since its release"Kuuga Bakon BitsSince it was newly released, I bought it.

It is possible to enjoy a somewhat crispy texture by having bacon and ingredients soaked in a bacon scented oil that is in the inside of Kuen as a tool, but what kind of finish is it supposed to be? Cow.

The impression of tasting and the cross section containing the first item of Kugen kun from the following."Kugefu Ken Bacon Bits" is released | News Release | Company Information | Lawson

This is "Kagaku Ken Bacon Bits" (210 yen including tax).

Somewhat drawn birds of brave face.

It is written that the package is draconian "Bacon Bits is included", and the illustration is like a bacon-like grain can be seen from the cross section of Kuang because it broke up in its back. Is there such a bacon contained in such a feeling? Expectation will increase.

Nothing was written specifically on the reverse side. It is slightly moist with oil.

I will compare the power of Kuan from the ingredients entered into with Kuan from Normal.

First of all I tried opening "Kugeba Ken Bacon Bits". At first glance I did not see any change, nor did the scent of bacon drift.

I tried to open both of them, but the colors are similar to both.

However, the shape is slightly different, the normal on the left is rounded, the bacon bit on the right is more flat. Perhaps the process of making it is different, so it may be different.

I tried plumbing and smoking. Even though it is chewy with bamboo, I can not feel the crispness like crunchy or crunchy, only there is a faint crunch of fluffy chicken. The meat itself is a bacon effect or juicy, compared to normal kuan raised bacon flavor is also plus and meatiness is being strengthened. There is a method of cooking bacon around the hamburger steam, but I will make that feeling dafty. It is quite tasty, but where there are bacon bits, it is said ......

I thought that "It is a lie! There should not be no bacon bites!" I tried searching for bacon bits that should be hidden somewhere, but I still can not find it .... If this is the case Bacon Bits will sprinkle sprinkle with separate appendix will not suffer from gap coming from the menu name, I feel I was able to eat deliciously deliciously.

Barely it seemed like "this is?", It looks brownish in this cross section. I can not feel the taste of bacon nor the texture. Because the cross section is light brown rather than bacon bit, it is light pink, so it also brings a sense of texture to remind us of the ingredients of shrimp gyoza. However, the feeling that you are eating meat is stronger than normal, so it seems to be perfect when you are seeking a snack with a little punch or a night snack.

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