I tried to eat black mysterious fried chicken, Family Mart "black chicken (pepper & garlic)"

A black black chicken (pepper & garlic) using cocoa, caramel and black pepper will be releasedI longed for a long neck after hearing that, I finally went on sale today, I went to Family Mart quickly "Black chicken (pepper & garlic)I bought it.

Generally speaking, fried chicken has many yellow and red, so this black chicken finished in black is hard to imagine the taste from the appearance. What kind of taste is it?

Details of appearance and taste of black chicken are as follows.Black Chicken (Pepper & Garlic) | French Foods | Foundable Famima Kitchen | Product Information | FamilyMart

Arrived at Family Mart. "Black chicken" was extensively advertised in front of the cash register. One piece 140 yen.

I bought it immediately and put it on a dish. One is black chicken, the other one is for comparison, a clerk of FamilyMart said "It looks like the black chicken most"Spicy chickenIt is 128 yen.

When opening it, an object like a huge Karintō appeared. I am surprised by the blackness beyond my expectation.

Try putting the whole body on a plate and it looks like this. It is Sakkuri Karintōi no matter where you look.

Atmosphere as if clothes used abundant brown sugar.

Aligned with the comparative spicy chicken, blackness became even more prominent. Will be doubt whether it is really chicken.

I cut it in half. Apparently it seems that there is not much difference except the color of clothing.

When I put it in my mouth, I am surprised at first that the clothing is calibrated. And the meat part inside was quite soft, so it was an ideal texture that the outside was crisp and the inside meat was soft. Also, clothingcaramelIt is nice to smell, it is good feeling that the soy sauce is moderately soaked in the meat part. Although it is the product name "black chicken (pepper & garlic)", the garlic is not very strong, but on the other hand black pepper makes a fairly intense argument. Afterwards it will be hot and painful will come, and as time goes by, the spicyness will increase, so it may be necessary for those who are vulnerable to bitterness to be careful. In addition, it seems that cocoa is also used for raw materials, but the flavor of cocoa was hardly felt.

I tried eating 'Spicy chicken' after 'black chicken (pepper & garlic)', the clothes were felt quite sweet, and I was worried somewhat responded to how soft it was made as moosamosa. There are similarities in spiciness, but there are considerable differences in taste as the orientation of clothing is completely different.

Although it could not be imagined from the appearance, "black chicken (pepper & garlic)" which was finished in orthodox flavor as a fried chicken. It may be a perfect new product when hungry goes hungry.

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