`` Famichiki (mala taste) '' in which gochujang and sansho permeated the batter is excellent compatibility with rich spicy spice and juicy chicken flavor

Family Mart to classic hot snacks 'Famichiki' that boasts sales No.1 among all the goods, 'Famichiki (mala sauce)' of Shibikara taste plus the spiciness of numbness and pepper of pepper has appeared in limited quantities . I was wondering how that famichiki combined with bitter taste, so I actually ate it.

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That's why I came to FamilyMart right away.

From February 4 (Tuesday) to February 10 (Monday), 2020, both

regular Famichiki and the desired Famichiki ( marsh taste) will be discounted by 10 yen each, and if you pay FamiPay, it will be another 20 yen discount for a total of 30 yen The 'Famitiki sale' called yen discount was being held.

Famiticki (Mala) and regular Famiticki are lined up in a hot snack special case next to the cash register.

We purchased immediately and brought back. Famiticki (Matsuri) is the same wrapping paper as regular Famiticki. This wrapper is a mechanism that allows you to eat Famiticki without breaking it in the middle and soiling your hands.

This time remove the contents without breaking the wrapping paper. This is the famichiki (savory taste) that came out. The shades of red and black seem to be really hot.

If you line it up with a normal Famiticki (right side), you can see the difference in color at a glance. The size is almost the same.

If you compare the size with a transportation IC card, it looks like this.

When cut in half, the spicy bitter aroma irritated the nostrils. Juice is dripping from the cut surface, and you can see that the batter is soaked in the bitter sauce.

When you try it, you can enjoy a good balance between the crispy crispy, the juicy juicy taste of the inside, and the rich and spicy taste of Gochujang. Although it is a bitter taste that is officially described as 'Sibikara', the hotness of the pepper is stronger. Sansho can also taste the flavor well, but it was not as spicy as “the numbness of the tongue”, but it was an impression that it was easy to eat and finished.

The price of 'Famitiki' is 180 yen including tax. It can be purchased at FamilyMart nationwide, but it is limited in quantity.

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