'L Tiki red abalone' infused with kochujang red abalone into the coat is a sweet and spicy taste and the lingering taste behind it gets addicted

Lawson's hot snack ' L Tiki ' seasoned with

Kochujang red sauce ' L Tiki red abalone ' has appeared since May 14, 2019. I bought it at Lawson and ate it because it was the taste that the sweet and sour taste of red gourd that had been thoroughly soaked in the clothes became unusual.

L Chiki red sour taste | Lawson official site

I came to the Lawson store.

Get 'L Chiki Red Awaji' right away.

When you open the paper bag, the spicy smell of chicken clothing tickles your nose and stimulates your appetite.

It looks like this when it comes out to the plate and the size is compared with the traffic IC card.

When I ate a bite, the deep redness and sweetness of the red sore that had been thoroughly infused into the batter overflowed in the mouth with the meat of the chicken. There is only Kochujang, and the spice like miso and the spicy taste stimulate the tongue. It was finished with a taste that brings out the other's taste and the hot and cold taste and the sweet and spicy seasoning complement each other.

The pungent taste is not as 'don't know the taste because the tongue is squeezed', but I felt the bitterness that remains on the tongue for a while after eating, so people who are not comfortable with the hotness to pull back need to be careful is.

'L Chiki Awamono' has been sold at Lawson nationwide from May 14, 2019, and the price is 170 yen including tax.

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