I tried to eat `` L Chiki Taiwan Fried Taste '' which makes spicy scented powder on dodeca chicken breast

L Chiki Taiwan Deep Fried Flavor ”, which reproduces the popular fried chicken fried chicken at Taiwanese food stalls, appeared in Lawson from November 26, 2019. I actually ate it to see what kind of new L Chiki was made by using “Goka” for big chicken fillet.

L Chiki Taiwan Deep Fried Flavor | Lawson Official Site


Arrived at Lawson.

I immediately got 'L Chiki Taiwan Deep Fried Flavor' (248 yen including tax). Unlike normal paper bags, it is packaged so that the contents can be seen.

When I opened the paper bag, the ethnic scent of the seasoning “

Goka Powder ” with several kinds of spices drifted.

I tried to line up “Taiwan Fried Flavor” and ordinary L Chiki (Salty). “Taiwan deep-fried taste” is about two times larger, and looks and colors are different.

Only the thickness was about the same as normal L Chiki.

When you cut it in half and eat it, the clothes that wrap the breasts like a large rice cracker are crispy and crunchy. The inside of the garment is moist, and even though it is a deep-fried food, I get the impression that it is healthy. Even though people who are not good at spicy foods are likely to have the taste of chicken well rather than the spiciness that stimulates their tongues, the scented powder is covered with clothing.

'L Tiki Taiwan Fried Flavor' is on sale from Tuesday, November 26, 2019, and the price is 248 yen including tax. Attention is necessary because some stores and regions may not be able to handle them.

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