Lawson's 'Parichiki (The Garlic)' tasting review with garlic flavor and spicy black pepper

Lawson's hot snack 'Parichiki ', which appeared in October 2021, has a new flavor ' Parichiki (The Garlic) ' on January 18, 2022. I heard that it is a chicken with a sauce using 5 patterns of garlic such as chopped garlic, grated garlic, and sautéed garlic under the skin, so I actually bought it and tried it.

'The garlic' is now available in 'Parichiki', a chicken that enjoys a crispy texture! | Lawson Institute

This is the parichiki (the garlic) I bought.

Remove half of the paper bag along the line to reveal the contents.

I was wondering what 'the sauce is under the skin', so I cut it in half and checked the inside, but nothing changed.

However, when I pressed it down from above, the sauce appeared like this.

It contained a paste-like sauce with sliced garlic. When I try to eat only this, it has a spicy and pungent garlic taste.

When I tried it, the garlic sauce was entwined with my tongue, and my mouth was filled with garlic. The spiciness of the intensely flavored garlic sauce and black pepper stimulates your appetite. It's not 'garlic-flavored meat' but 'garlic and meat', so it's recommended for people who want to taste garlic.

The price of 'Parichiki (The Garlic)' is 190 yen including tax. It is sold at Lawson nationwide except Natural Lawson.

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