I tried Lawson 'Dekaraage Kun Red Spicy x 2x Taste' and 'L Chiki Kamisori Red Sauce Flavor' with double capsaicin and intense spiciness of Jorokia sauce.

Lawson's popular hot snacks 'Karaage-kun' and 'L Chiki' will be available from August 17, 2021 (Tuesday) as 'Dekaraage-kun Red Spicy x Double Flavor ' and ' L Chiki Kamisori Red Sauce Flavor'. It has appeared. It is said that it is a hot snack with a different spiciness than usual, which satisfies the desire of people who want to eat spicy food in the hot season, so what kind of taste is it finished? I actually ate it and checked it.

Dekaraage Kun Red Spicy x Double Taste | Lawson Official Website


L Chiki Razor Red Sauce Flavor | Lawson Official Website

I bought 'Dekaraage Kun Red Spicy Double Flavor' and 'L Chiki Razor Red Sauce Flavor' and brought them home.

'Dekaraage-kun Red Spicy Double Taste' is the first new work in about two years

of the 'Dekaraage-kun' series, which is about 1.4 times larger than normal karaage-kun. Comparing with the normal 'Karaage-kun Red', it is obvious that 'Dekaraage-kun' is larger.

If you take out the contents and compare them, you can see that the color tone does not change, but the 'Dekaraage Kun Red Spicy Double Taste' (left) is certainly larger.

First of all, eat the usual 'Karaage Kun Red'. Along with the umami of tender chicken, the spicy spiciness spreads in your mouth with each bite, and you can feel the spiciness even in the normal state.

Then, when you eat 'Dekaraage Kun Red, which has twice the spiciness', the texture is the same as the normal 'Karaage Kun Red', but the spiciness that easily exceeds it comes in and you want water. 'Dekaraage Kun Red has twice the spiciness' is said to have twice the amount of capsaicin , which is the spicy ingredient of chili peppers, compared to the usual 'Karaage Kun Red', which is irresistible for those who like spicy foods. It was tasting.

Next is 'L Chiki Razor Red Sauce Flavor'. The whole garment is red and black, which makes it look painful to see.

When you put 'L Chiki Razor Red Sauce Flavor' and 'L Chiki Red' side by side, it looks like this. The size is the same, but the shades of the clothes are quite different.

When I cut the 'L Chiki Razor Red Sauce Flavor' with a kitchen knife, I could see that there was an orange dry sauce using

Jorokia between the skin and the meat of the cross section.

When you actually eat it, the crunchy clothes and the texture of the moist chicken spread along with the intense spiciness of the ghost pepper sauce, and the mouth becomes hot as if it were burning. The pungent spiciness of chili peppers makes me sweat, and I wanted to eat it with a drink that refreshes my mouth, such as a carbonated drink.

'Dekaraage Kun Red Double Spicy' and 'L Chiki Kamisori Red Sauce Flavor' can be purchased at Lawson nationwide from Tuesday, August 17, 2021, and the price is 'Dekaraage Kun Red Double Spicy'. 'Taste' is 268 yen including tax (tax rate 8%), and 'L Chiki Kamisori Red Sauce Flavor' is 198 yen including tax (tax rate 8%).

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