NASA announces 'Artemis plan' to send humanity to the moon again by 2024, aiming for the first woman to reach the moon surface



On May 14, 2019, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced on Twitter the Artemis plan to 'successfully make a manned moon landing by 2024'. Under the Artemis plan, two men and women will be sent to the moon, and if successful, the achievement of 'the first landing on the moon as a female astronaut in human history' is expected to be achieved. NASA also filed an additional budget with Congress to implement the Artemis plan.

NASA Moon and Mars

America to the Moon by 2024 NASA's FY 2020 Budget Amendment Summary
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Artemis , the goddess of hunting and chastity and the goddess of the moon in Greek mythology, has a twin relationship with Apollo , the goddess of art and entertainment. Apollo is the origin of the Apollo program implemented in the United States in the 1960s, and based on that, the name 'Artemis' is given to the 'plan that aims for the first woman to land on the moon in human history.' In addition, the spacecraft ' Orion ' for manned flight under development by NASA at the time of article creation is named after the hunter Orion who was a lover of Artemis.


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The Artemis plan sends two men and women, and if successful, marks the first female astronaut and the thirteenth male to reach the Moon. In the Apollo program that was advanced in the space development competition during the Cold War, the moon landing itself was one of the major goals, but the moon landing in the Artemis program is just one step toward the realization of manned Mars exploration. NASA is planning.

By 2024, NASA will need to design and build a lunar lander, design a new space suit, and create related programs for NASA to succeed. In addition, NASA is developing a new launch system called the Space Launch System (SLS), and intends to make a manned flight in a lunar orbit using SLS and Orion by 2022. This SLS will also be used in the Artemis plan.


In March 2019, NASA was requesting Congress for a budget of 21 billion dollars (about 2.3 trillion yen), `` In order to be able to send humanity to the moon again by 2024 We applied for an additional 1.6 billion dollars (about 180 billion yen) to the 2020 budget under the name. According to testimonies from insiders of NASA, it is estimated that `` it will require $ 6 billion (about 660 billion yen) to 8 billion dollars (about 880 billion yen) per year to reach the moon by 2024 '' It is being leaked. 'The additional $ 1.6 billion submitted is a down payment for the additional budget needed over the next few years,' said NASA Secretary Jim Breidenstein.

In addition, President Trump tweeted, 'On May 14, 2019, NASA has granted an additional budget of $ 1.6 billion so that we can swing back into space again.'

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Astronaut stays on the moon for one week in the `` Artemis plan '' aiming for the first female landing on the moon by 2024-GIGAZINE

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