The floating in the air is realized very easily, Mr. Marik also surprises Hovering Toy "X-Flyer"

On October 27, Bandai's new product release was held at the UDX Theater on the 4th floor of the Akihabara UDX Building.

What was announced is a hovering toy "X-Flyer" like a new sense that you can operate with floating in the air without touching by hand. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mr. Malik, a super magician known as hand power user, and Akira Hoshino of the talent in the gravure idol appeared at the recital and actually floated without touching "X-Flyer".

The figure of the toy that made the magician groan is from the following.
The venue is Akihabara UDX Theater.

First of all, greetings from President Kazunori Ueno of Bandai.

Today I will announce a new product to be released from Bandai in November. This is a mysterious shock that can be controlled by intuitive operation, which is a floating toy in the air. The name is "X-Flyer". It does not use a controller, it can operate while floating in the air without touching by hand. It is exactly a hovering toy equipped with innovative latest technology. A strange feeling to touch without touching, a strange feeling that does not fall off, this is a completely new feeling. While there are popular play like TV games and mobile games, playing freely with something with such entities continues to be loved by every age and gives people an impression. "X-Flyer" also gives surprises to many people, and expects to be a product that causes a boom and leaves new footprints in the history of toys.

Next, "super magician" Mr. Malic who appeared familiar theme song appeared.

He showed off supernatural magic that floats on any irrefutable 10,000 yen bill. Mr. Marick who is a user of such hand power is also a surprising new product, is not it?

A commentary was made by Ms. Takahashi of planning and development.

"X-Flyer" is a toy developed by Canadian Spinmaster Corporation and will be on sale in the US at the end of last year and it is said that 1 million pieces will be sold by the end of this year. Mr. Takahashi saw this in an overseas toyshow and was shocked by the explanation staff's handling without using a controller. And it should surely give us surprises unprecedented in Japan, I definitely have to negotiate with Spin Master to sell it in Japan and be able to sell it.

Various technologies are used inside, but in the main place there is a sensor that recognizes the height at which you are flying, calculate the distance from the floor and hands to the main body instantaneously, determine the turning power of the propeller It is said that it realizes the floating and falling by controlling.

"X-Flyer" is made with safety pursued. Even though the main body and propeller are soft materials, they are safe even if they collide with each other, and even if something is caught in the propeller, it stops immediately. This seems to have done a lot of hard work because it seems that we played the test plenty so that we can play with confidence in Japan where the housing is relatively narrow. In America, it was a catch phrase "Anyone can enjoy it", but in Japan the dads layer is the main target. The memories that I played with my father will remain for a long time, so it seems that my father is buying this and assuming a way of playing it, showing the majesty by showing it gracefully.

By the way, Mr. Takahashi told me that most of the toys can not play unless the fingers of both hands are paralyzed for about a year and a half and the fingers can not be used at that time. And when I saw this product back to the company, I noticed that it was a barrier-free product. It is a product that can be played with both hands and feet, so if many people enjoyed it ... ... I told my thoughts.

Here, Aki Hoshino appeared as the second guest. If you look closely you are on the head with "X-Flyer".

I decided to actually challenge with two people.

It seemed that there were various possibilities not only to float on the way to play.

"I really feel like I can use hand power," Mr. Hoshino praised, Mr. Marick said "If floating is realized easily in this way, magicians will have difficulty in using floating tricks" It was rolling.

Continue, we will deliver a movie of "super magic" presented by Mr. Mr. and Mr. and Mr. Hoshino challenging "X-Flyer".

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