Robot that Mickey and his friends coalesce "Super Merger King Robo Mickey & Friends" unveiled

"Superalloy Super Coalescence King Robo Mickey & Friends" that Mickey and other Disney characters become robots, and furthermore they will become a huge robot by uniting themselves, Bandai'sTAMASHII NATION 2012It was announced at the reception.

TAMASHII NATION 2012 (Soul Nation 2012) ~ 5 TH ANNIVERSARY ~ | Soul Web

Mickeys are ......

I became a robot.

Mickey is "Jet Mickey"

Minnie is "Sky Minnie"

Donald is "Diver Donald"

Daisy is "Aqua Daisy"

Goofy is "Land Goofy"

Pluto comes with a dog shop "Dash Pluto & Inugoya"

In addition, although not a character, "Ace Willie" which motivated the steamship Willie was added ......

"King Robot Mickey & Friends" super merged into.

Weapons are Dream Stick and Magical Mirror


"Chogokin Super Coalescence King Robo Mickey & Friends" will be released late March 2013. It is 10 3440 yen including tax.

In addition to president Kazunori Ueno of Bandai at the reception, "Momochi" thingBerryz StudioofMomoko TsunagaHe also appeared equipped with a dream stick.

I was impressed that "Minnie is behind the scenes!"

◆ Actual photo
The real thing is displayed on UFX GALLERY 4F in Akihabara UDX.

The stomach part is Mickey, the right shoulder is Donald, and the left shoulder is Daisy. The head is a steamship Willie.

Pluto and ken at the left foot

Goofy on the right foot

As Mr. Tsunaga says, Minnie protects his back

It is like this before coalescing. Jet Mickey and Ace Willie

Sky Minnie


Aqua daisy

Land goofy

Dash Pluto & Inu Goya

Dream stick

At the venue, Dream sticks and signs of the size that Mr. Tsunaga had were also decorated.

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