"JINRIKI" photo review that pulls a wheelchair quickly and helps evacuate in case of a disaster

In a typical wheelchair, an occupant turns a wheel by himself or a caretaker pushes it from behind, but in such a way it is necessary to evacuate through a road or the like that is urgently needed in a situation such as a disaster It was difficult. Developed there is an auxiliary instrument that enables quick movement, such as during disasters, simply by attaching it to a commercially available wheelchair "JINRIKI(じ ん り き) ".

JINRIKI (じ じ き き) | towed wheelchair auxiliary device

RISCON TOKYO Crisis Management Industry Exhibition 2012The exhibition booth of JINRIKI that was in the following.

rickshawUse parts like handles of the hand wheel in front of a typical wheelchair.

With cushioned grip.

Just attach the following attachment to the wheelchair and simply connect the possession to it.

When moving, a caretaker stands in front of you, grabs the hand and pulls and moves the wheel of the wheelchair a little.

It is possible to fold handles when storing or getting on and off.

Actually watching the wheelchair using JINRIKI can be seen from about 0:50 in the following movie.

JINRIKI_PV_1 - YouTube

In 2013, we are planning to actually sell it, and the price is still undecided.

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