Distribution system of too harsh Nintendo DS software, president of game company proposed to Nintendo

Game makers suffering from sluggish sales of software for WiiPost a blatant complaint that "I do not want to die yet"Small and medium-sized game companies supplying software to Nintendo's gaming machines are placed in harsh environments, but the president of the game company made an opinion in the form of "proposal" to Nintendo.

It was done the other day.Nintendo 3DS recitalNintendo president Iwata himself said "Nintendo's hard to sell is Nintendo's only software"Third party game software is not soldAlthough I mentioned the topic of "What is the problem in the current Nintendo system?

Distribution circumstances of Nintendo DS software which are extremely severe for small and medium-sized game companies, which general users can not know, are as follows.
I will propose to Nintendo because it is such an occasion. | Alchemist - president Alburo who works in Monzen-Nakamachi

Game company "Alchemist (Alchemist)"According to Mr. Shigenobu Urano's president, at Nintendo conference 2010 Nintendo revealed the release date, price, launch title etc. of" Nintendo 3DS "," Nintendo's hard to sell is Nintendo's only software "President Iwata himself mentioned that" third-party game titles are not sold ".

And Iwata president said that as a solution to this problem, "Nintendo 3DS needs to be in line with the third party at the stage of the start dash", "Eeeeeeeeeee !! It is slightly different I do not feel it wrong "?

Mr. Urano said to Nintendo, "I think that it is about distribution policy that makes it easy to sell good games," I think, "Many software makers, mainly our company, sell their own software carpet I can not make a TVCM like a bombing.The basics explain the current state of small and medium-sized game companies that sell products by doing steady marketing activities while opening to stores.

"What we should do to become able to sell small third-party game software that can not advertise towards the market quite a bit, we have not reached the necessary time by reviewing the Nintendo distribution issue again Is it? "As suggested in the circulation of Nintendo 3DS we propose the following measures.

1. Repeat production from 100 pieces
Currently, it seems that you can only order from thousands (you can not publish concrete figures) if you try to repeat production of Nintendo DS software. In addition, it is possible to respond from 100 other game machines from other companies. In other words, even if only a few hundreds are missing, it is necessary to produce thousands of pieces, which seems to be a big burden for manufacturers.

2. Reduce production period to one week
When trying to repeat production of Nintendo DS software, it seems that the period will take 3 to 4 weeks. In addition, it is possible to respond from another week's game machine from 1 week. Such a time lag is fatal to goods, and the burden on the manufacturer will be expanded, such as it will have to have the stock for one month in order to avoid out-of-stock risk.

3 Stop 100% advance payment
In order to order game software, it seems necessary to prepay 100% manufacturing cost to Nintendo. And if you make the software production cost 1000 yen per one (actually the amount is different by capacity etc etc), if the software hits a big hit and the order of 1 million is entered, 1000 yen × 1 million book = 1 billion yen to Nintendo In a situation where prepayment of yen is necessary.

At the ordering stage there is no deposit from a wholesaler or the like to a software maker, which not only results in the manufacturer suffering from cash flow, but also on the relation of the delivery date of repeat production, and in order to have inventory more than the number of orders , Further cash flow worsens, so we want a remedy such as keeping down payment by a third.

4. Insert into Nintendo's TVCM frame
Although it is said to be a "convenient request" to the end, if you receive a chance to put in a nationwide commercial at a reasonable amount on Nintendo's program, it will lead to extending sales of software.

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