How much more than 6 times PS2, development costs of game software for PS3 and Xbox 360 revealed

Domestic sales of PS 3 exceeded 3 million unitsIn addition,Domestic sales of Xbox 360 exceeded 1 million unitsAlthough game machines capable of enjoying high image quality overwhelmingly than before have finally begun to spread, the development cost of corresponding game software has become clear.

It seems that it will be more than six times the PS2 of the previous generation machine.

Details are as below.
(PDF file)Q & A response summary for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2009

According to the question-and-answer summary of earnings briefing made by Marvelous Entertainment which handles a wide range of animation and games, the average development cost of software for PS 2 is said to be 5-60 million yen.

And development cost of PSP software is about 120 million yen, and in case of high end game machines such as PS 3 and Xbox 360, about 3 times more is required. In other words, will the development cost be over 360 million yen ...?

Also, since it is necessary to sell at least 100 thousand books in order to collect development costs, in order to reduce the risk, on the premise of multi-platform between PS 3 and Xbox 360, the title which can be developed worldwide It seems that development is promoted focusing on.

By the way, it is said that the software development expenses at the time of release of PS 2 was 2-3 million yen, which is 4 to 5 times the current, and SonyWork on reducing development costsIn the future, software development at a lower cost will be possible in the future, so it may be easier for mid-sized manufacturers and small-scale manufacturers to enter.

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