Unpublished Sharp Android smartphone "AS01", appearing at last

To combat the current situation where Japanese manufacturers are forced to struggle overseas by TV and mobile phones, Sharp made good use of its own strengthsThings to sell '3D smartphone' in the worldWe announced, but the unpublished Sharp Android smartphone "AS 01" has appeared at the moment.

Details are as below.
The Official Bluetooth SIG Member Website

According to the official page of the Bluetooth certificate authority "Bluetooth Qualification Program", Sharp is currently requesting the authentication of the Bluetooth-equipped smartphone "AS01".

This is "AS01".

In addition to being Google's mobile phone OS "Android" adopted as "AS01", the corresponding Bluetooth version is said to be "2.1 + EDR".

I do not know whether "3D Smartphone" released in the year is "AS01", but at least Sharp seems to be developing a full touch type smartphone like the iPhone.

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