10 behavior patterns to see if your cat is showing affection for you

It's hard to understand because it doesn't talk or look like humans, but cats also express their affection for their owners. Understanding this behavioral pattern of affectionate expression, the so-called body language , will give you a good idea of whether the cat loves you or not.

Details are as below.

◆Part 1: Blink slowly

When a cat encounters a stranger or another cat, he will stare at the opponent again without hesitation. On the contrary, it is a sign of satisfaction and affection that the cat looks at you and blinks slowly without staring. You can tell how much you are loving by the time you spend doing the same gestures for your cat and how long you can spend this 'slow blink' with each other.

◆ Part 2: Grooming

Grooming is not all about hygienic behavior, it also means stress relief for cats. And if your cat grooms you, it's a great sign that your cat recognizes you as a member of your family.

◆ Part 3: Rub your head

If a cat comes near you and rubs your head somewhere on your body, it's 'marking'. This marking act itself shows that it is comfortable to secrete the pheromone, and that you are marked on the cat means that you are claiming 'This person is mine!' Become.

◆ Part 4: Walk in the immediate vicinity

If your cat follows you as you walk from room to room and hangs out wherever you are, it means the cat is interested in you and you are It is a sign that I want to be there.

◆ Part 5: Bring a 'gift'

Cats can surprise you by bringing insects, birds, or carcasses of mice to the front of your house, in front of your room, or at your feet and surprise you, but this is not a harassment, but rather the opposite. Is delivering an important 'gift' to. The cat wants you to be satisfied with the gift, just as the child asks for approval from his parents.

◆ Part 6: Be excited when you get home

In some cases, the owner has not been able to see it, but this is the case that family members, people living together, or friends know. For example, when you come back in a car, most cats will hear the sound of opening a car door, unlocking it, or something similar that says 'you're home.' Get excited. If a cat is at the door when you return home, that is proof that you are relieved that you have returned home safely.

◆Part 7: Show Tummy

When a cat lies in front of you and lies on its back and shows its tummy, it is a signal that it trusts you and loves you. For cats, exposing their stomachs to their opponents is because they expose the weaknesses of cats with internal organs. This means that the cat that shows your stomach isn't wary of you.

◆Part 8: Tail shape

Many cats have their tails bent like a question mark to say hello to you. And the more upright the tail is, the more intimate, trustworthy and loving it is.

◆Part 9: Fir tree

Cats also chew on their partner's tummy to help the mother's milk from being born instinctively. And if you do this flirt, it's one of the greatest affections your cat can give you!

You can see what it actually looks like by watching this movie.

YouTube-kneading cat

◆ Part 10: The reaction becomes faint

Cats, unlike dogs, don't get excited about trying to lick you around because they love you, and they're rather awkward. But it's not that you don't love you, it tells you where you are in a delicate way that is typical of cats, and it's the kind of affection you get when you sit on your knees and make a rumble.

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