"Things like a 3D camera and a smartphone equipped with 3D liquid crystal" will appear in the Sharp booth

In August this year Sharp's president Mikio Katayama took advantage of the company's strength to counter the current situation where Japanese manufacturers are struggling to overseas with television and mobile phonesWe announced to sell "3D smartphone" which does not require 3D glassesHowever, the other day we are holding at "Makuhari Messe" in ChibaCEATEC JAPAN 2010"At the Sharp booth," Things like a 3D camera and a smartphone equipped with 3D liquid crystal "were exhibited.

It is actually working, demonstration such as 3D shooting is being done.

Details are as below.
Sharp booth at CEATEC JAPAN 2010

It was announced the other daySmartphone for au "IS03"And a corner on mobile 3D are set up.

Reference The appearance of "Mobile 3D" section exhibited. 3D demonstration using a conceptual model equipped with a mobile 3D camera is being performed.

The stereoscopic image shot can be checked on the front 3D LCD TV.

Demonstration of whether it actually appears to pop out

This is a concept model with a mobile 3D camera. The world's largest electronics products trade fair in Berlin, Germany in early SeptemberExhibited at "IFA 2010"It was done.

I showed the actual machine. A liquid crystal display compatible with naked eye 3D display is carried.

The character "3D" on the back.

Sharp developed3D camera for mobile. High-definition 3D images can be taken with smartphones.

I actually shot using the concept model.

YouTube - Sharp's 3D 3D shooting with a concept model for mobile 3D

MicroUSB terminal and small HDMI terminal are mounted on the side.

The button looks something like this. Sharp Android terminal "IS 01Although the icon design is almost the same, is it okay to think that Android is adopted as OS?

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