Sharp exhibits the concept model which seems to be the world's first "3D smartphone", and "3D tablet" also appears in the future

Sharp president Mikio Katayama president in early August, to counter the current situation that Japanese manufacturers are forced to struggle overseas by television and mobile phones,We announced that we will sell "3D smartphone" unnecessary for eyeglasses that utilizes the company's strengths in the world, But finally a concept model of a model that seems to be a 3D smartphone was exhibited.

It is also clear that Sharp may be looking at the release of "3D tablet" in the future.

Details are as below.
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It is held in Berlin, GermanyThe world's largest electronics product trade show "IFA 2010"Sharp booth. Concept models with 3D liquid crystal, 3D camera, 3D television output function are on display.

This is the concept model.

I shot with changing the angle. At the bottom of the screen there are MENU buttons, home buttons, search buttons and so on.

Sharp's Android terminal "IS01" also has the same design button on the top of the keyboard, is this concept terminal an Android smartphone?

IncidentallyAndroid smartphone 'AS01' that Sharp is developing has been revealedThere is no button, so there is a possibility that it is another model.

On the backSharp developed 3D camera moduleEquipped. It is also possible to shoot high definition 3D movies.

The resolution of the liquid crystal is 800 × 480 at 2D display and 400 × 480 at 3D display.

Next is a 10.6 inch 3D liquid crystal. The resolution is 1280 × 768 for 2D display and 640 × 768 for 3D display.

This is its 3D liquid crystal. The concept model is a tablet type, and it can be inferred that Sharp is considering introducing 3D tablet into the market in the future.

"Nintendo 3DS" announced in June this yearAlthough it is expected that 3D content for mobile will be enriched by recently, by working on mobile terminals that can respond to 3D as quickly as possible, we want to ensure the advantages of Japanese manufacturers by ensuring the advantage against other companies is.

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