I bought 340 donuts to get "Barking Pon de Lion Plush Doll (large)" in a day ~ Activate Hen ~

I was overwhelmed by the amount of donuts purchased to get "barking pon de lion plush toy (large)"As a matter of fact, I have to open that box as much as I bought ... .... In this time, since we had about 10 kinds of "selling items" heard from the shop people at the time of advance reservation, I tried putting the lineup and the mountain of the donut in the photograph.

According to the clerk asking the store clerk, the number of donuts which are displayed and sold misted on the 1st day is roughly the same as the amount purchased this time. The interior of the editorial department that opened a Pandora 's box, a large amount of Misudo' s takeout box, was as if it looked like a donut factory.

Details are as below. I tried opening all the stacked boxes.

As soon as it gets sweet smell in the room.

It was a very hot day, but as I had been transporting under the air conditioning for a long time, the chocolate managed to melt away somehow.

An awesome brown sugar odor rises from "Pon de · Brown sugar" (right side). When I usually eat at a shop or eat by myself, the smell that I only faintly felt is condensed.

Anyway it is packed tightly.

There are 3 boxes that contain only French Cruiser. In the first place, it is a strange sight that the box for taking-away is buried with a single product itself.

Such abnormal situation happens one after another among other boxes.

Just watching somehow makes me feel distant ... ...

The donuts ordered side by side can not be said to be the most crowded.

I mean to eat all this ... ?. Although I bought it myself, I will be upset to the extent that trembling does not stop.

When I was talking, I got a phone call from a staff member from Misdo and botherly delivered it to the editorial department saying "I'm sorry, I forgot to give 3 boxes!" Its kindness makes me sore, but the amount has increased and I am staggering.

Then I will take care of them and arrange them all for each kind. First of all, the classic and classic old fashions (50)

"Chocolate fashion" which has many fans here (50 pieces)

"Chocolate" (25 pieces) where glazed and chocolate fabric harmony is fun

"Golden chocolate" (25 pieces) with some delicious yellow grains but I do not know for some reason

I gathered so much if delicious yellow grains were collected from all the boxes. Now if the ambition of "I want to eat all the yellow grains at once"!

"Sugar raised" (25 pieces) with sugar on soft cloth

Strawberry Ring with strawberry chocolate (25 pieces)

An irresistible "French culler" for sweet things (50)

'Angel French' (40) sandwiched cream on fluffy dough

"Pon de Ring" (25 pieces) with charming texture appealing

"Pon de · Brown sugar" (25 pieces) in which sweetness of astringent sum is impressive

Because "Pon de Ring" fabric is soft and thin in shape, it seems to be difficult to keep the shape, especially if there is no coating in "Pon de · Brown sugar" if put in a box for a long time. New discovery.

BeforeI tried stacking old fashions verticallyHowever, since I bought more than five times the number this time, I tried accumulating plenty more.

The quietly towering Old Fashion Tower. I feel a strange atmosphere somehow.

I tried building the largest donut pyramid possible.

Slick Sliding.

The approaching donut.

After this, the staffs of these donuts were delicious, we had a weeping.

However, as expected it was impossible to finish, so I tried practicing by examining how to preserve the donuts.

· Continued
I bought 340 donuts to get "Barking Pon de Lion Plush Doll (large)" in one day ~ Frozen edition ~ - GIGAZINE

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