I went to the popular 'Crispy Cream · Donut' in the queue at noon on weekdays

The first shop opened at Shinjuku Southern Terrace on 15th December 2006, and a popular donut shop famous for being able to make long rows of rows every day "Crispy · Cream · Donut"I went to.

I will deliver the taste of a famous donut shop that got lined up for one hour with a matrix report and set, thinking that "If it is a daytime in weekday, I will not be in line."

Details are as below.
I visited "Shinjuku Southern Terrace Store" in Japan's first shop near "Southern Terrace Mouth" on the south side of JR Shinjuku Station.

The waiting time is 50 minutes. I was wondering if it would be nice to arrange it behind the row at the shop front, and a security guard who is arranging the rows was told to wait on a bridge that climbed the stairs on the right side of the shop.

Looking towards the stairs, there were rows in spite of daytime on weekdays. What is this ...?

Places lined up.

Move to the shop front row for about 10 minutes. While being lined up, the person who drops out of the line saying "After all is impossible" is a thriller.

Passers-by. Occasionally when I saw the queue, I was surprised as "What is that?" Even so, the building style is strong ....

While waiting, the clerk told us "Please eat and wait" and distributed us a standard donut "original glazed" one by one.

It is soft and delicious with hoka hoca as it is fresh.Icing (sugar coating of sweets used for decorating cakes and cookies)The taste is quite sweet thanks to.

I came toward the beginning of the row. Everyone is waiting for it now or now.

While waitingmenuAs they are dealt, let's decide the donuts you want.

As we can see where we are making donuts, expectations will increase.

Finally I was able to enter the store. It is frustrating to be kept waiting for a while even when entering the shop.

Successful purchase at last for 1 hour of hardship. I asked for choice of selling items.

Purchased donuts can be eaten on the second floor. The atmosphere in the shop is calm and feel good.

Outside there is a long line as usual.

A standard donut "Original · Grayed" dealt while this was lined up.

"Chocolate glazed coconut" characterized by coconut

"Chocolate custard" which used custard cream abundantly

Powder strawberry jammed with strawberry filling

Seasonal products using banana filling "Go Goanna"

Colorful and popular among young people "Chocolate glazed sprinkle"

The standard product "Old fashion chocolate" that you can see in other donut chains

I tried grinding "chocolate glazed coconut". The inside is an ordinary donut. The taste is sweet enough by icing, and further chasing is taking place with further chasing, so it is quite sweet overall. Coconut matches.

Custard cream is full of "chocolate custard". The taste is sweet for the donut itself, but the sweetness of the custard cream was very elegant. Perhaps chocolate was more bitter and suppressed overall sweetness.

"Old fashion chocolate" is firm and solid crisp. The taste is "It might not be sweet if it is this?" It is unexpected sweetness thought that. What is this. The donuts themselves are ordinary snacky chocolate taste, but it may be that there are too much sugar in it.

"Banana filling of" Gobanana "is like this. Unlike other things, the donuts themselves are not very sweet, but this time the banana fillings inside are sour. It may not be good with other donuts (eating together).

When "Powder strawberry" broke off, strawberry filling overflowed. The taste is the same as the gobanana, and the donuts themselves are not sweet, but it is a taste recommended for people who like jam buns.

Finally "Chocolate glazed sprinkle", it is sweet enough to think "what is this". Since topping, chocolate, and donuts themselves are both trinity and sweet, they are tight when they do not eat in combination with straight tea.

· Overall rating
I was proud that I was a sweet tooth, but each donut was sweet not allowing any compromise, so I got sorry for it. "Banana shake chocolate" that we asked for as a drink together should be sweet, but in the end it is a role to heal the tongue tired from the sweetness of the donut.

However, the young female customers in the store had eaten with a flat face, so it looks like a shop for ladies, if anything. Perhaps it is best to bring it as a souvenir to those who pride themselves and women they care about.

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